05 October 2002

You gotta go see this... from whitehouse.org:


Not even in town for 12 hours and I'm a week behind on all the funny stuff... now go out to the big anti-war protest in NYNY!

Some small setup issues are preventing me from plugging these guys. Most of what they say should cause you to think and form your own opinions about things. We apologize in advance to any ditto-monkeys, freepertrash, and lucianniacs who might find themselves hopelessly bewildered when AssKKKroft and the (in)Justice Department come a ‘knockin on their door once they have gotten rid of the rest of us who read and write (and read and write this stuff!)… anyways, in no particular order, but with as much fervor as you can, please take a look at the following sites:

www.enterprisingkiddstuff.net (your humble narrator)
www.bartcop.com (a ditto monkey’s worst nightmare)
annslanders.blogspot.com (a cornucopia of anti-Coulterism)
genslab.com (the 150 pound weakling who will kick DumbYa’s butt fer free!)
www.thismodernworld.com (Tom Tomorrow is so much more than merely the best frelling cartoonist alive right now)
www.xoverboard.com (a struggling NYCU student who sees through the BS…)
www.thedailybrew.com (Washington’s finest – the strongest brew to come from this land)
www.dailyhowler.com (the best Coulter criticizer of them all shows us the quintessential Stepford Telebimbo in its (un)natural habitat)
www.comedycentral.com (go look at Daily Show film clips. Now! And some of the Back in Black stuff too. Do it!!)
www.pythonline.com (currently running a special – all original Python episodes on DVD for just over $140 – plus a [stuffed] Dead Parrot!)
www.awolbush.com (Q: what was DumbYa up to in his National Guard years? A: Up to lots of flight groundings for being too coked up [excuse me – ‘unable to obtain the advice of his personal physician’] to fly obsolete jets and guard against any VietCong incursions into Tax-Ass during ‘Nam)
www.cursor.org (lots of stuff you’ll never see on the Conservative New Network, Faux, or Misguided NBC)
www.buzzflash.com (lots more stuff you’ll never see on the Conservative New Network, Faux, or Misguided NBC)
www.michaelmoore.com (Mike’s got some pretty good points to make, don’t you think?)
www.rushlimbaugh.com (Know Thy Enemy! Besides, it’s interesting to see which way he’s going to program his ditto monkeys, and how he feeds his propaganda to his minions)
www.whitehouse.org (kewl satire of our [s]elected Boy Usurper)
www.blah3.com (very nicely done Flash movies to make you question the current media spin, plus thought provoking discussion)

and a host of others whom you can find if you look through the links at the sites listed above. Happy surfing!

Greetings from the Funny Farm!

I have to start off by saying a big hello to all you froody molochiks and "all intelligent lifeforms everywhere... and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys." Funny Farm Facts: can you name the author of that quote? Where does molochik come from?

To start off with, it's good to be back. The Significant Other (hereafter known as the Sig-O for short) and I just got back from a whirlwind trip across the country. We managed to snag tickets to a little party called BartFest 2002 in Las Vegas, NV at the Rio hotel and casino/resort - as well as a beautiful suite at the Rio in the sky overlooking the Strip! Also managed to snag a late set from a fabulous guitar player named Bruce Conti (at the Gold Coast across the street), along with a very nice CD of his work. And a show from Penn and Teller. And a trip through some of the casinos: the Luxor, Excalibur, NYNY, the new Aladdin. And a trip to the big light show and casinos downtown (where the Sig-O and I managed to pay for the buffet and then some at the blackjack tables – yayy!)... so much to see and do in Vegas! We hardly got a chance to taste it all...

And I'm going to give you just a taste of the mental intertwinings permeating my spanktuary before letting you meaunder TM around your life journeys: lots and lots of people will be protesting the proposed war in Iraq this weekend. Will the Media Whores notice? Or seek to ridicule and downplay them? Will they be a success, or will we see some sort of Homeland Security shenanigans go down? And will any of it change the attitude of the American people between now and the mid-term elections only a month away? Inquiring minds want to know…