21 February 2003

I haven't put any posts in because BartCop has featured this site on his web page. The pic is just below the link to the story, which is only a few paragraphs down in the next post. Enjoy!

Regular readers will be enthralled by my biting commentary next week. Also, stay tuned - a major announcement on the Liberal Manhattan Project could be coming before Smirky McWarhardon lets slip the Dogs of War.

19 February 2003

So Little to Do, So Much Time…

Wait - Strike that. Reverse it…

I’m personally getting myself ready for a blitzkreig at work (a lot of it without my baby! D’oh!), starting in on the ground floor of the Liberal Manhattan Project, and trying to tie up some loose ends so the company accountant can get that fancy architectural machine deduction in the works. And all just before getting laid off when my principal employer gets bought out just after emerging from whatever chapter of the bankruptcy laws they are currently embroiled in. Imagine how much time I’ll be spending on blogging once I'm on unenjoyment, and be afraid

Before I let these onerous burdens overload my psyche at the end of another day, let me point you to a couple of personal points to ponder:

My girlfriend happens to be one of the few of her immediate co-workers who are actively critical of the current junta administration. Because she has managed to make more than 3 statements regarding the intelligence, of lack thereof, of Tipsy McStagger, she has been christened “the Bush Nazi” by the Ditto Monkeys and Freepertrash in the immediate area. Apparently there are a significant number of them - 65% - in the emergency room where she works, as opposed to 20% who agree with her. Maybe having to deal with the crappier elements of society with regularity causes people to start believing El ChupaCabra is right? I mean, I can see how it could make you jaded and cynical….

Once again, I have something going on in my home state which causes me considerable angst: CNN reports Anti-Bush T-shirt banned at Michigan school. On the one hand, I want to know where the kid got the shirt, so I can get one myself. On the other, the fact that the school is prohibiting freedom of speech makes me ashamed to be a Michigander. And on the other hand (which I could say if I were Zaphod Beeblebrox), I wonder how all the people who were upset when they banned Confederate flags in some southern schools would feel about this one. What’s the word I’m thinking of? Hip-, hyp-o-, Hypocritical! Yeah, that’s it! I don’t even have to troll lucianne.com for that one…

And, Drinky McDumbAss has slipped down below 60% in the polls again. Get your ass ready for war!

Anyways,… stay tuned to this blog for further developments. Oh, and thanks to you, Aaron Brown! You can't answer my emails, or have a civil debate about why you are turning the Conservative News Network into the Nation’s Source for Infortainment. But I can feature this kewl picture,

Impeach This Man

and show everyone here how shoddy your journalism is. Another 5 paragraph piece of fluff so that you can say you were aware of this bit of news, but you don’t feel it worthy of your attention. Some say that CNN Lies. I have to add that, when they are forced to tell the truth, CNN distorts, too!

18 February 2003

Questioning Authority

OK, kids… it’s a couple of days after the world told Tipsy McStagger what to do with his war. The Media Whores have done their job quite well. Many people think they actually covered the anti-war protests in a fair and even handed manner. Many more are beginning to read between the lines. As someone else in Blogistan yelled over the fences the other day: “There were almost 2 million Americans protesting over the weekend. The biggest mass protests in current memory took place, and the media treated it as a non-event. Those protesters know what happened, and now know that the media has been covering up a lot of things for quite some time. They will look at the media in a different way from now on…”

Could some scales fall away from some eyes? Will those millions of protesters cause a change of heart in any ‘compassionate conservatives’ we know?

… As for the protests around the world by millions of people opposed to war with Iraq, Drinky McDumbAss said they were irrelevant to his duty to protect America.

"Size of protest, it's like deciding, 'Well I'm going to decide policy based up on a focus group.' The role of a leader is to decide policy based upon the security — in this case — security of the people" the
Usurper-in-Thief said.

16 February 2003

I'd like to take a moment and welcome a few newbies to the Funny Farm Links Zone:

Clue has come on fast and loose, with a wonderful Totalitarian State Advisory (I can't wait for it to change!) and a pretty damn good blog to boot...

Yellow Times is back. Go look at their renewed vision, and welcome them to our links...

Finally, whilst stumbling around the BlogSphere, I ran into Jesus' General. Ralph, the Great God of Luck, Drunks and Fools, must have guided me there. Let the words of the latest Sword from On High inspire us all to new heights of pagan idolatry shameless parody fervent reflection on the events of these trying times...

Drop by their digs in Blogistan, and check out the tasty mind candy they have to offer!