28 June 2003

A General Plea to Reality's Overall Sense of Justice

From one of the many comments about one of the many posts at Atrios:

Support our troops -- bring them home. Put the UN in charge of the mess that is now Iraq. Impeach Bush and Cheney. Fire Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell, Rice, John Bolton, and all the others who lied and caused thousands of unnecessary deaths, including hundreds of our soldiers. Vote for presidential candidates who aren't warmongers. Elect congressman who won't rubber-stamp unnecessary military campaigns. Thanks.

Kel | 06.28.03 - 1:49 pm

CIA trainee indoctrination

Repugnicant philosophy

27 June 2003

The Savage Weiner Roll Call Too

More links to some of the Savage Weiner savaging around the blogsphere yesterday:

Busy, Busy, Busy
Very Very Happy
Like Father, Like Sun
Bush Is A Moron
What Would Kofi Annan Do?
I Wanna Spank Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ain't No Bad Dude
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Project for a New Century of Freedom
Nurse Ratched's Notebook
Yankee Pot Roast
Mercury X23
Dwight Meredith
Plucky Punk's Happy Land
Mars or Bust
Roger Ailes
Smart Remarks
Lean Left
Seize the Fish
Scoobie Davis rips Ann Thraxx a new one on Savage's radio show (cowering Savage Weiner replaced with substitute hack)

Apparently, you can only put so many (64 - which to a computer geek to me sounds like I might actually have a clue about this...) links in an individual blog post with this Blogger software. Or I don't know exactly what I'm doing, and I can't figure out how to do it. I've been trying some link rearrangements, but with no successs. So, I'm not mucking about with it anymore. I pulled several links out of the original list, so I don't have to worry so much about getting the blog post error you undoubetly have seen in a few places here on the site from time to time.

If there are any more Savage Weiner appropriations out there, hopefully eventually they will be here.

Secret dreams of an exercizer

O’Reilly Unappreciation Day

Before I get started, I just wanted to say that I am running fast and loose with the facts and speculations here, even more so than is my usual wont. Which is part of the point of the exercise. Now that I have feasted on the moldering carcasses of two of the pretenders, I think I might ask BartCop for a bit of audience participation on a PigBoy Roast. But that’s another potential story for another potential day.

Assclown O Really of the All Spin Zone

The Funny Farm was informed of Bill O’Reilly Appreciation Day (conventiently happening the day after Appropriate the Savage Weiner for your own Purposes Day) somewhat late in the game. As mentioned yesterday, I barely made it through the video of the press conference where Al Franken tore him a new one.1. This individual2 has also threatened French free speech by claiming to be above the fray, when in fact he brings the Uzi to the knife fight3.

The Hamster points us to a particularly hypocritical All-Spin puff piece from this infotainer here, and rips a new one for the All-Spin Zone here. Thus unwiitingly contributing to the O'Really? red-ass going on today.

Here’s the original vituperous piece of trash4 that began this brouhaha. Isn’t it refreshing when a paragon of virtue5 such as O’Reilly steps up to the plate6, and tells it like it is. Thank you, kind sir7.

1 - Well, I just made it through the audio of the Franken segment until today. And Al Franken didn't tear Bill a new one, he really just made Bill O’Reilly look really stupid on live TV (scroll down a bit until you see the link for Franken, Ivins, and O'Reilly), at a book promotion gig, broadcast on CSPAN, that mostly everyone looked bored to be at until the action heated up at the end. Except Pat Schroeder. I don’t know how, but almost every time I see Pat Schroeder, I expect her to break out. Either crying, or singing. But definitely one or the other.
2Bill O’Reilly is actually a shell controlled by a hive mind, who are part of the top notch house staff hand picked every year by Richard Mellon Scaife.
3 - Bill O’Reilly actually prefers bringing Glocks to knife fights.
4 - Bill O’Reilly wrote (well, not really him, but his script creation aides) a scathing review of the entire blogsphere in two concise paragraphs. With bullet points no less!
5 - Bill O’Reilly (let’s all say it together) is a Lying Media Nazi Whore
6 - Bill O’Reilly prefers cowering in the dugout with his Glock instead of stepping up to the plate.
7 - Bill O’Reilly would probably spit on any thanks I offered him, even if I sincerely wanted to show him just how badly he has been whoring for the BFEE all these years.

Late Breaking Update: I finally forced myself to make it through almost all of O’Really?’s spin before having to fast forward the Realplayer. It was the comment about Bill claiming to be a man of integrity and elevating the levels of discussion that made me move on.

After ridiculing Franken, and then lying his ass off, he actually mixed a little bit of non-right wingnut (but still far, far to the right politically) truth(!) into the script. But just a little. Next time try and get the ‘Big, Fat’ in before the ‘Liar’, Bill. It sounds better. And your timing is off. You. Lying. Media. Nazi. Whore.

Rancid O'Reilly comments paraphrased by The Funny Farm News Burrow:

“I want us to find the WMD. I want to make that quite clear. So we don’t lose face.”

“But I’m not trying to put any ideology into my work.”

“I have not ever had to retract one story. We are methodical.”

“I define the way my performance is judged, by telling you what is right and what is wrong. By making up the rules, I decide what we get to argue about. (cough cough Calivinball cough cough)

“We name names, we don’t call names.”

Fast Funny Farm Facts (with all due homage to Bill Sprint and News in a Hurry from days gone by)

Franken: 5 Emmys including(?) Strange Bedfellows, one of the highlights of the Comedy Central Indecision Campaigns. Which is the tip of the iceberg for one of the best second bananas of the last twenty five (count ‘em!) years. Books, TV, Saturday Night Live (please please please Al go back - damn you George Steinbrenner!);

O’Really?: 2 Emmys. One tabloid chock journalism ex-show, one current pontificating self-righteous (say it with me now, once again, with feeling) Lying Media Nazi Whore Non-Factor; and a couple of books in the can which are Cliff’s Notes on his non-shows the Media Whores have already crammed down our throats.

Finally, we’d also like to start a salacious rumor that Bill O’Reilly will be dropping in randomly on other Media whore shows when the whole shameless cross-promotional actors tour starts making its way through the consolidated media. We’d like to, but there are limits to our ingenuity (not to mention our fear of arousing the gaze of the BFEE in our direction) which prevent us from accomplishing the task.

Thank you. The Funny Farm will return to its staid self once the new week is upon us. Or sooner. Or not.

26 June 2003

The Savage Weiner Roll Call

Links to some of the Savage Weiner savaging around the blogsphere today:

Neal Pollack - Multiple entries, inspiration, and rude and silly noises, with a twist of lemming
Atrios - Multiple entries from multiple people - go to the link and look around
Blah3 - Multiple entries. Go here and look down
Ann Slanders - Multiple entries. Go here and look down
The Funny Farm - Multiple entries. Go here and look up
The Daily Harrumph (archive not available yet)
The Apple Coda (archive not available yet)
The Poor Man
The Angry Savage Bear - Multiple entries. Go here and look down
The Genoan Sailor
The Smirking Savage Chimp - Multiple entries
The Plunketts
The Agitator
The Donkeypissonian
South Knox Bubba
Bunsen TV
Rob Curran
Ted Barlow - Multiple entries. Go here and look around
Matthew Tobey - Multiple entries
Max Sawicky
Deckie Holmes
Lisa Robusto Rocci
Pandagon - Multiple entries
Rock and Roll Means Fu(k
Savage @$$ Rape - Multiple entries
Michael Savage Weiner's @$$ (Left Pedal) - Multiple entries
it's not michael savage's foucault
Savage Cruel Bigots - Multiple entries
The Savage Weiner's Only Official Website - Multiple entries.
My Kull (Cats.Ennui)
Liberal Media Conspiracy
Army of Fun
Sisyphus Shrugged
Yar's Revenge
Gray Wyvern
Utter Wonder
Shared Thoughts
Big Picnic
Bag Times
Bitter Obscurity
Warblogger Watch
I Protest
Off The Kuff
The ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose - Multiple entries. Go here and look around

This list will be added to as I find more sites. I am trying to use links to the actual Savage Weiner posts where and when I can. If you have a Savage Weiner appropriation of your very own, why don’t you email me so’s I can put it in this list?

Update: I gave a multiple entries to a site that renamed itself, and/or put in multiple peices for your infotainment. Sites like Blah3, Ann Slanders, and the REachM High Cowboy Network Noose, might get more descriptive stuff tacked on if the need arises.

I also split out a number of the links into the other list, because Blogger seems to have problems with even the max number of links. Whaddya want for nothing? Rrrrrrrubber Biscuit? [ / Update]

I also didn’t add a link to the Take Back the Media flash about the Savage Weiner. For two reasons: it has been out on the Web before today, and there’s already a link to it (as well as the rest of the TBTM flash) over in the Funny Farm Links Zone.

I would also like to add that I am having a hell of a good time today reading all of this excellent work! I’m not going to name names, because everybody is a huge laugh riot today, mostly.

I got a real big kick out of the response from my Baby, who has no idea who the Savage Weiner is. So some of the insider references were causing her some confusion. I see this as a positive sign that the Mighty Wurlitzer doesn’t have control of all of our thoughts just yet.

Hope you all enjoyed today as much as me. Now it’s time to think of something for Bill O’Reilly Appreciation Day...

Running Up The Rumour Mill

Some friends of mine told me they were watching Made In Canada last Friday night, and they heard that CBC was considering ending it, as well as This Hour Has 22 Minutes, both Funny Farm faves and fantastic comedy (currently two of the ten funniest things you can view on television). So I decided to write the Ceeb a note (Like, it’s in proper Canadian, eh?, not, like, in bastard Strine Canajun Hoser, eh?):

I write you today as an individual brought up on Canadian and American culture in the Essex County, Ontario / metro Detroit, Michigan area. CBC has been an informative and enjoyable part of my life for almost fourty years now, and the most watched network in my home.

I have heard from some friends that last week's Made In Canada show was the series finale. Is this show finished on CBC? If so, why have you not considered keeping one of the best comedies being made in the world today in your lineup?

And don't send Victor over here with your answer! I'd much rather deal with Wanda or any of the others who at least attempt to bring some sort of ethics to the table.

Seriously, this show is an absolute treasure. If you are not picking it up any longer, would you be able to direct Mr. Mercer and his merry band to someone who will keep the show alive?

I have also heard shocking rumours that CBC is considering dropping This Hour Has 22 Minutes from its’ fall lineup. This, in combination with the Made In Canada gossip, has concerned me enough to write to you today. It’s almost as bad as hearing that MSNBC, over in the U.S., got rid of their top rated show (Phil Donahue) for political reasons, only to replace it with a paid political announcement, er, ‘television programme‘, by a gentleman’ who goes by the name of Michael ‘Savage’ Weiner. If the infotainment feed that is MSNBC had any value before, it is lost now.

The thought of losing either of your excellent programs is a cause for concern in modern comedy. Not having the stomach to even consider listening to any of the mainstream infotainment feeds available to me through every one of my local cable providers, I occasionally turn to CBC news for confirmation of international and American-censored news items. You have the courage to tell us the truth for the most part, and admit it when you are wrong.

A show like Made In Canada helps us become aware of the true face of the corporate world today. Many of the best bits are due to the eerie similarity between what is on that screen and what happened in the office the week before last. And possibly Made In Canada could be a way and a reason for making that office environment a little more tolerable for all of us who might venture there.

Thanks for bringing these shows to the market in the first place. I can only imagine some of the pressures on your network to cancel either or both of these shows over the years. But I would hope that pressure of that nature isn’t the reason for this decision. I would also hope that you don’t have an issue with the ratings on either of these shows. They are amoung the few shows anywhere on any broadcast medium that I would try and arrange my schedule around. Considering the technological resources available for recording and replaying media at my leisure, I must stress again: They are amoung the few shows anywhere on any broadcast medium that I would try and arrange my schedule around. Now that the Cup is residing in the swamps of New Jersey until next year (damn you, George Steinbrenner!), I mean.

Please let me know that you are eagerly awaiting the start of yet another season of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Made In Canada. If the sad rumours I have heard are indeed true, I would appreciate a response regarding the reasons behind your decision.


Breaking News!

Blah3 has been hijacked by the Savage Weiner. Is this the beginning of the end for the Fashionable Left Bank of BlogistanTM?!?!?

Also, sources close to the previous proprietor of Blah3 have pointed us to an analysis on ‘how to beat a Savage Weiner lawsuit' here.

We will try and update you throughout the day on new Savage Weiner Appropriations as time permits.

We Further Interrupt This Savage Weiner Appropriation to Delight and Amuse You

This one’s a Special Request for Joe and Sandy, Stu and Mary, as well as Ann Slanders and (of course) my Baby, as well as the lot of you. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the keen senses of Tom Tomorrow and his faithful companion, Skippy the Wonder PenguinTM, you can go here and ‘Shizzolate’ the Funny Farm. Or you can ‘Dailecticize’ BartCop, and other www sites here. It doesn’t seem to work for dot blogspot addys, but the error message is a howl, too! Thanks to This Modern World for pointing the way (as usual).

Happy Mid Years Day from the Funny Farm!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Savage Weiner Appropriations...

We Interrupt This Appropriating of The Savage Weiner for a Cartoon From the Great White North and Another From the Onion

Juan't go to Montreal

Religerious Hymnalorizing

The Savage SpokesWeiner

Savage Weiner to Replace McClellan as New White House Spokesman

In a startling new development, Scott McLellan has mysteriously disappeared, only days after being appointed by the Bush junta administration. A representative of the corpo-weasels that own McClellan tells the Funny Farm News Burrow that McClellan’s last scheduled appearance was on the MSGOP MSNBC show ’Savage Weiner Nation’. He also could not confirm that Mr. McLellan was physically on the program at all. McClellan’s representative has been trying to find a corroborating witness, but to no avail. All his information requests of the network were denied due to security concerns. ‘I have tried to find someone who’s seen the show, but so far there’s been no luck. We’ve combed the lower 48. Now it’s time to focus our efforts on finding a viewer in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.’ Mr. Savage Weiner’s public relations director would not comment on Scott McLellan’s scheduled appearance, or even on any other aspect of the Savage Weiner Nation. He did, however, note that Mr. McLellan had made some unpatriotic comments about an ‘Unelected Sock Puppet’ and/or a ‘pResident Moron’ whilst being fellated entertained prior to his guest spot.

The Funny Farm News Burrow has also discovered that Mr. Savage Weiner will be announced as the official White House SpokesWeiner tomorrow evening an a special ceremony. An anonymous source has told the Funny Farm, ‘Friday afternoons are typically when this White House makes controversial announcements that could cause serious repercussions if they were brought to the public’s attention during the week. This appointment could be seen in that light, if enough people were aware who this Weiner fellow is. Fortunately, the combination of a Friday afternoon announcement, and abysmally low name recognition, should help us put this one past the American people. And since you’re the only one I’m telling this to, I can be assured that the pResident’s No Leak Policy will continue. After all, we know who both your readers are, and we don’t particularly care about them knowing, either.’

When asked to confirm the details of this report, the only comment received from the office of the pResident was ‘Who cares what you think?’

Savage Weiner Nation

The Savage Factor

I suggest we rename the ‘bias factor’ being used in government employment calculations to the ‘Savage Weiner factor’ in honor of Michael Savage Weiner, the proselytizing hack who is soon to be another blip on the Media Whore landscape. I saw him the other day, lying his ass of and shouting down Al Franken at some book signing gig. He didn’t have the cojones to attack Molly Ivins, who played the modern southern belle in this dog and pony show. And he didn’t have any rational arguments to make – he just threw in non-sequiturs, bullying rhetoric and blatant propaganda, lying his ass of at a mile a minute. I can’t imagine sitting still for ten seconds of his kimchee on the TeeVee.

What? That was Bill O’Really O’Reilly? Really? I guess I need to get a deck of UggaBugga and busybusybusy‘s Bush Regime Playing CardsTM. I can’t tell these guys apart. And they’re all completely full of dren. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

Wildly inaccurate deuces

25 June 2003

Lithe Day Celebrations

Today, June 25, is Fryday, Lithe Day in the Hobbit Calendar, and Fryday, Mid Year’s Eve in its’ other incarnation, the Midling Calendar. Any Master of Midling Lore can tell you that the Little Peoples hold the MidSummer’s Festival, in any of its’ variants, especially dear in their hearts. For three days, just after the summer solstice, grand parties and socialization are the only business that is focused on. So, if you want to know about any of that 'news stuff' in the 'real world' for the next few days, go to the Funny Farm Links Zone and surf your way to the truth.

To kick off the festival here at the Funny Farm, we are pleased to announce that with the inspiration (and quite frankly the lion’s share of work on the picture) of Jesus’ General, you can find our latest masterpiece (cough), as well as an advance look at a picture which will be featured here tomorrow.

Click here for your Special Sneak Preview. And enjoy yourself during this year’s Mid Year Celebrations!

24 June 2003

Time For A Cartoon

From the works on exhibit at The Mo Paul Institute of Fine Art. Somehow I don't think he gets an NEA endowment for his work. Although he should...

Here's one of his latest works:
Repugnicant Justice

Out on the (Virtual) Town Tonight

Good evening, fellow travelers! It’s much too hot tonight in the Motor City to do anything but bask in air conditioned comfort and cruise around the Fashionable Left Bank of Blogistan. At least here at the Funny Farm, where we finally had to turn the A/C on when we got back from a Weekend at My Baby’s in the wilds of Northern Ohio, it’s nice and cool. The outside temperature measured between 95 and 100 on the way home from work today. So something tells me that it would be a good idea to drop by a few of the old digs around Blogistan tonight.

Some of you in the Links Zone (and you know who you are) seem to be taking a bit of time off. For the summer, so to speak. But Josh is back from vacation, and so is Digby, over at Hullabaloo. And we haven’t really mentioned them too much. Which is a shame, because they are regular stops. And it’s a good thing, too. Digby writes a wonderful piece recommending that the Democratic candidates focus on blasting Drinky McCokehead instead of each other. Are you listening, Mr. Dean? Mr. Kerry? We might need a bit of that Heinz fortune to combat The 200 Million Dollar Man next year. Anybody else? By the way, Governor Dean, we might not agree on everything, but I think I have a much better chance of convincing you to look at my point of view than most others, particularly the entrenched Washington bureaucracy currently in power. And I think we need that. Mr. Kucinich is much closer to my heart and political beliefs. The Reverend, Ms. Braun, Mr. Gephardt, and many others make good points from time to time. But there is still too much sniping, and too little criticism of Tipsy McStagger. He’s made enough mistakes to put together a TV miniseries on how to screw up a country. So, let’s all point out his gaffes, okay? Maybe you can fight over which one of you gets to hammer him about which mistake... There is going to be more than enough bitter pills to be crafted here for everyone to swallow. And more than enough seats at the table once you are able to sit there. Maybe we should work on that first, hm?

And of course it would be remiss of us here at the Funny Farm if we didn’t point out that The ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose brought us over to Digby’s place this time around. He writes a mean post, too, about an old friend of his who is now in the Middle East doing her part to help out the people who are suffering because The Unelected Sock Puppet needs more oil for his Segway. Maybe he should get one of those remote starter thingys for it. That way it would already be on when he gets there next time.

It is also with great regret that I note the final (?) post for Joe Vecchio over at Pax Liberalis. It sounds like things are going from mondo crappy to hideously hopeless over there. It’s too bad some deep pocketed Democrats aren’t able to put together a fund for these unfortunates blasted into poverty by the Usurper in Thief. I’m sure that Joey would be useful in helping whoever wins the primary for the Democrats. Also, apparently in this case, it could quite possibly keep a family together. (cough cough FamilyValuesPublicRelationsCoup cough cough)

Any faith based organizations willing to help, perhaps? Or would those types of NGOs require that Joeve support their political appointees beliefs and customs? It would be nice if this were more of a philosophical discussion, as opposed to personally being somewhat powerless to rectify the situation and crying into the Great Beyond, as it were...

Why don’t you take your own tour around the web? Go Torture Wolf Blitzer. Check out the news behind the news. And have your wits about you. Only two days until all faithful Beagles respond to Master Neal’s summons, and Appropriate the Savage Weiner Name for Our Own Purposes!

Is everybody else scared yet?

23 June 2003

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate

Atrios points us to yet another instance of the living irony that is life in these United States of Eh : Fox News is suing a wonderful site for its’ parody elements that poke fun at them. Even though they plainly state they are satire. As the post says : Now it´s just about trying to intimidate the little guy.

You have to read the letter they got from Fox, and their reaction to it. The people at Fox are seriously trying to screw with someone else for pointing out the incredibly biased hypocritical whores that they are:

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:53:04 -0400
To: info@agitproperties.com
June 19, 2003
Agitproperties, LLC

Re: Unauthorized Use of Fox News Network Intellectual Property
Dear Sir orMadam:
Please be advised that Fox News Network, LLC ("Fox") is the exclusive owner of all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights associated with the Fox News Channel (the "Fox Copyright and Trademarks").
Accordingly, no entity and/or person whatsoever, other than Fox, is authorized to reproduce, transmit, copy, telecast or otherwise utilize all or any portion of the Fox Copyrights and Trademarks without the express written permission of Fox.
It has recently been brought to our attention that your websitewww.agitproperties.com ("Website") is selling merchandise bearing the Fox Copyrights and Trademarks, without Fox's permission either expressed or implied. Fox has not authorized your use of any Fox Copyrights and Trademarks.

We demand that you immediately cease displaying and selling merchandise on the Website. Fox is particularly concerned that its intellectual property not be used in a manner that will likely lead to the impairment of the goodwill represented by the name "Fox News Channel," as well as the likelihood of confusion as to an affiliation with and endorsement of the Network. /font>
Your usage of Fox Copyrights and Trademarks may confuse consumers about who is authorizing the Network and/or endorsing the statements made on it. Therefore, you are hereby put on notice that this unauthorized use of Fox's proprietary materials constitutes trademark/copyright infringement and potentially subjects you to both criminal and civil liability.
Your use of the Fox News Copyrights and Trademarks is clearly done in bad faith. The Fox News Channel is in no way affiliated with the Website and, by creating confusion as to the relationship between Fox's programs and the Network, you harm the goodwill represented by Fox's program. Furthermore, the T-shirt "O'Reilly Youth Tee", in addition to the infringements described herein, shows incredibly poor taste on your part, is highly offensive and clearly demonstrates your bad faith use of the Fox Copyrights and Trademarks. It is our belief that the Fox Copyrights and Trademarks were used for no purpose other than the commercial gain of the Agitproperties, LLC and the Website.
While we expect that you will want to accede to our requests, please understand that if you do not cease and desist any further use of the Fox Copyrights and Trademarks on the Website without delay, we will be forced to consider appropriate legal action against you.

Please confirm that you will comply with our requests by contacting the undersigned immediately upon receipt of this letter. This letter is not a complete statement of the rights of Fox in connection with this matter, or of Fox's potential claims against you, and nothing contained herein is intended, nor should be construed as an express or implied waiver of any rights, remedies, or defenses of Fox in connection with this matter, all of which are expressly reserved.

Here at the Funny Farm, we are happy to have agitproperties on the Fashionable Left Bank of Blogistan.

22 June 2003

Today’s Special Brought to You by the Separation of Church and State

It seems that this entire concept has somehow eluded those people over at the Conservative Alert Zone. Plus, once again, they are asking for the rubes members’ cash!

We here at the Funny Farm cannot express our gratitude enough that the damn Irony Overload Alert siren broke down under the strain after only two years of Drinky McDumbAss and the God SquadTM. Otherwise we wouldn’t get any sleep.

So here we go again. Please note that this is an actual Conservative Alert. Non-Christian conservatives should pay particular attention, and possibly contact their local Conservative Office for some soothing kimchee practical explanation for their exclusion in this alert.

You might also ask them why you’re still considered a second class Republican, despite doing and saying all the right things - if you’re still not sure. You could try and ask any Log Cabin Republicans you can find about that sort of thing. If you don’t consider them to be second class citizens yourself. That whole hypocrisy thing, and turning off the logic circuits in your melon, might help too.

Emphasis in this alert is shown like this

Today's CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special message for The Funny Farm from American Vision:

SPECIAL Fourth-of-July Celebration Package!

Tired of the endless stream issuing forth from the radical left-wing "hate-America" Hollywood crowd?

How about a refreshing change -- a special Independence Day celebration package that includes "America's Christian Heritage," "America's Christian History: The Untold Story" (a WONDERFUL audio drama), and "The United States: A Christian Nation," all for a special LOW price!

"America's Christian Heritage" is a beautifully designed hardback, selfcover, 87 page adaptation of Gary DeMar's full length narrative, "America's Christian History: The Untold Story." This version is full of beautiful color photographs, artwork, and engravings printed on high gloss paper for optimum beauty. Includes a new section on the Ten Commandments. Other information recently updated. This book is oversized measuring 8 1/2" by 11". This special edition is perfect for reading and study or as a delightful display for a table or library.

"America's Christian History: The Untold Story" is an award- winning audio tape produced with music, sound effects, and professional narration and actors(which part of the the radical left-wing "hate-America" Hollywood crowd would this be?). The historical vignettes are taken from our founders' original manuscripts, documents, and diaries. Our journey through American history opens with the Pilgrims as they approach America for the first time. Then, we pick up with Christopher Columbus and move forward stopping to hear from Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and many others. Our story ends in 1963 when prayer and Bible reading are removed from our government schools. Our narrator leaves us with a moving admonition and encouragement. This winner of the coveted "Angel" award from Religion in Media has been been aired on both local and national radio programs. This wonderful learning tape is suitable for all ages.

Finally, we're including "United States: A Christian Nation," by Judge David Brewer. In 1892, the Supreme Court, in the case of the "Church of the Holy Trinity vs. the United States," declared America a "Christian nation" (cough cough RevisionistHistory cough cough). This book, written by one of the sitting Justices who wrote the decision in 1892, tells the entire story. A FASCINATING, little known, true story that is just a sample of what they don't teach us in public schools anymore. 90 pages, paperback, PERFECT for passing along to your uninformed friends!

But WAIT, as they say, THERE'S MORE! This special Fourth of July Celebration Package -- Two Books and One Audio Drama -- includes FREE SHIPPING and a FREE one-year Subscription to Biblical Worldview magazine -- a $24.00 value alone -- ALL for a TOTAL of *only* $25.90!

The birthday of this God-blessed nation is only TWO WEEKS away -- don't miss this great opportunity to own these awesome publications! Go to the site below to order your Fourth of July Celebration Package TODAY: [address not accessible from the Funny Farm]. NOTE: Be sure to forward this e-mail to anyone you know who might be interested in taking advantage of this special offer for members of ConservativeAlerts.com! Thank you!


You are receiving this communication because you requested to be e-mailed regarding issues and offers of interest to conservatives, either when you sent an e-mail to Congress, signed an online petition, sent a FedEx, faxgram or mailgram, or when you donated to a conservative cause or candidate on the Internet or through postal mail. You are currently subscribed as: The Funny Farm Was this message forwarded to you by a friend? You can sign up for the ConservativeAlerts.com Action Alerts for FREE! Go here: [address not accessible from the Funny Farm]

I would also like to point out that I was completely unaware that this nation has been declared a ‘Christian nation’ by the United States Supreme Court. Any legal scholars out there (he said. Looking over in Talk Left’s direction) who can verify or disprove this claim?