25 March 2004

Check This Out

I have two things that I think you may be interested in seeing today. They are both a day late and a dollar short (as the sayings go). Then again, if you haven’t seen these stories yet, it means that, even though I’m a little behind in showing this to you, you might not see it at all if I don't tell you about it. Consider it a public service. And the right thing to do for a Basic Force For Good in Our Time.

First up is a couple of stories about a friend of mine at work. Thanks to Larry the Liberal for putting together this tribute. I hope you don’t run out of fence, dude...

Also worthy of everyone’s attention is National "I'm Embarrassed by My President" Day over at Democracy Means You! (who should really stop shoving a pop-up of their "Democracy Store" in my face every time I wander over into their zone). Wear a brown ribbon on April Fools Day to show everyone how embarrassed you are that Commander Codpiece is speaking on behalf of the Untied States for at least the rest of this year.

Hope you like what you see. If you’re in the metro Detroit area, it might be worth the drive to check out Larry’s fence. And April Fool’s Day is only a week away – so you better start making your plans now...

24 March 2004

Habby Birthday, Bud!

Hearty congratulations to fellow ex-deejay and Montreal Canadiens fan Stuart C. Turner on the occasion of his completion of fifty three years of life's journey (this time around). We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Hope you get what you want, and you want what you get! Enjoy your day in style, my friend...

21 March 2004

A Funny Farm Fearless Fognostication

We’ve been quite busy this week, and have also been basking in the glow of a red-hot Habs team going into the playoffs, so we haven’t been able to get to the weekly Tivo viewing until this weekend. So, besides catching up on all of the Daily Show broadcasts this week, I have also managed to catch up on the Sopranos. Well, almost – if I had enough time to actually read the manual and figure things out, I could have managed to get a copy of the initial episode instead of the partial episode which I (briefly) had the chance to see. But I did manage to get the second episode in front of my glazzies, and I think I have scoped out something that only a few have twigged in on. They introduced Tony Soprano’s ‘little brother’, Tony Blundetto, played by a new addition to the cats this year, Steve Buschemi (? – I hope I got the spelling right on both of these names). And, I gotta tell ya, based on that episode, I see a plot twist that is slowly going to be introduced into the script over the next year:

Tony Blundetto is at the very least bisexual, and probably gay.

Time will tell if my shot in the dark is close to the mark. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I still haven’t checked out Bill Maher’s season farewell from Friday night. Time to get ready for the usual Monday morning back to school/work/jobhunt routine. Get to bed early this weekend, and put your thinking toques on if your imagination gets too cold in the middle of the night!