05 April 2003

Blogging on a Saturday Afternoon

I am somewhat amazed to see my good friend Ann Slanders posting. . . on a Saturday afternoon, no less! Things have been brewing unexpectedly, and what with my baby being sick and all, I was away from the digs at Blogistan for a bit. To see this posted today:

Anybody with an interest in transcribing / correcting / countering Rush Limbaugh should aquaint themselves with Rush vs. Reality. Though the site is on official hiatus now, it is a monumental effort, containing almost daily refutations of Rush's worst lies and bloviations. Worthy stuff, and I look forward to the time when the creator of the site decides to come out of retirement.
- z, 2:44 PM

created the following :

To: Ann Slanders
From: The Funny Farm

Mr. Out of Touch:

Hey John!

Quite interesting to see you finally posting on the weekend. I hope it's not because you're at work right now!

Anyways,... about your recent post regarding Rush vs. Reality: about a month and a half ago, Hesiod saw Rush vs. Reality, mentioned the same thing you did, and voila! The Liberal Manhattan Project was born. Somebody in Atlanta is recording the shows and breaking it into five minute chunks. Then the transcribers go at it. We are woefully short on transcribers but as always are hopeful that more will join the fray, as there are no paying positions on the staff yet. Nor any planned in the future, I might add.

Go to transcripts.myguard.net to see what we're up to right now, and look for the Rush Transcript Group at Yahoo. That's us - you should see me with my enterprising kiddstuff email. Why don't you see if you can find a couple of people to help us transcribe? We are about a week in processing each show. The recorder has had some glitches on his end - hell, everybody's been having glitches these days (except me! And I'm getting a little burnt from listening to his crap for ten minutes a show...) - but we are getting better! A couple of people are due back, too. But, the hope was that everyone would grab a chunk, and the frelling show would be done. Instead we have a couple of people who do a lot, a few people who do several chunks per show, and a couple who take one or two. We need more hands. I've heard that the Yahoo group has over 40 people in it now - but I hardly ever see more than 7 people who do the entire show.

Well - I just wanted to zip this off to you - and fill some more space in my blog! Take care, John. Talk to you again soon!


02 April 2003

Little Deficit of Horrors

01 April 2003

April Fool's Day is Celebrated at the Funny Farm

The Mighty Beagles have spoken! Cheney spoofs are all over the Blogoshphere round these parts. Neal Pollack has a link to a bunch of stories about the cast of characters in the corridors of power these days. You should read them. Neal’s story is a bit spicy, but surprisingly effective. And of course, they’re all pretty good at this story-telling gig. A lot of them are pros, unlike the inspired amateurs over here at the Funny Farm. So give them a look-see, won’t you?

From the Secret Files of Dick Cheney

Pencil Dick Cheney in his natural environment.  Thanks to POTUS and Jesus General for the pic

The Funny Farm has obtained information regarding a recently ordained plan by the current administration. The plan was inadvertently discovered by local authorities. A secret synopsis of the plan specially prepared for the President of the United States was obtained by our crack reporting staff, and is being passed on to the proper authorities even as I write this.

The text of the intercepted message is as follows:

Hi George!

The governors of Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Mississippi announced today that they have made a disturbing discovery in their states.

Apparently, a small number of Al Qaeda terrorists have become romantically involved with local redneck girls. The result is not pretty and they now have the sad task of reporting the creation of a new sector of the human race: Islamabubbas.

So far, only a smattering of actual births have been reported, but Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition is hard at work trying to isolate and seal them off. To date, the Coalition has identified the following children:

Mohammed Billy Bob Abba Bubba
Mohammed Jethro Bin Thinkin Boudit
Mohammed Forrest Gumpa Bubba
Mohammed Rubba Dub Dubba Bubba
Bobbie Joe Bubba Amgood Atat
Betty Jean Hasbeena Badgurl
Linda Sue Bin There Dundat

Not surprisingly, the Coalition believes they all seem to have sprung from one couple:

Mohammed Whoozyadaddy and Yomamma Bin Lovin.

George, you can tell the people you knew nothing of this evil plot, and will be instituting the ‘new rules’ real soon to solve this problem. I’ll give you some more of the details just before you will need to remember them.

Your pal,

Mr. Cheney

31 March 2003

Black Monday

Well, folks – the Kmart Corporation let some more people go again today. Amazingly, I have escaped the chopping block once again. However, a number of good friends were let go today. And it was not a good day to go through – although it is a good day to have gone through, if you get my drift. I have this sinking feeling my days are numbered as for as the Mighty K is concerned anyhow.

And of course, the frelling housing market has gone soft. What was it that was driving the economy again? Lately I have heard that the auto market, along with the housing market, seems to have gone south over the last few months. And my long term unemployed friends (of which I think I have just gained a few) say the prospects don’t look too bright these days.

It’s gonna be a long, hot summer, fellow campers.

30 March 2003

Wondrous Weekend

Well, yours truly is truly a happy camper after a wonderful weekend with my baby. And, hey – I bought a new car! Sort of. It’s a long story – and one for future blog posts when I have nothing to say. Which is not today...

I managed to catch Real Time with Bill Maher over the weekend through the magic of VHS. And I got a rare chance to see a ditto monkey get the red-ass from someone other than BartCop. Janeane Garofalo was there, and wiped up the panel part of the show with the week’s rabid conservative – one Michael Graham, PigBoy wanna-be and another of the Chirstian God’s blessings on the public earwaves. Ms. Garofalo pointed to a few of the main tactics employed by the Rabid Right, and hammered Graham repeatedly, to the delight of the audience. And this paying customer. Thanks, Janeane! Things like this give the rest of us the heart to try and combat the FReepertrash for another day.

Go catch up on all the fabulous insights offered by the websites you can get to from the Funny Farm Links Zone. And try and point some karma in the direction of those who are fighting because some old rich people thought it would be a good idea. They are very confused and hungry and anxious and probably will never want to have anything to do with sand once they get out of their current predicament. They could use our understanding and sympathy for their plight.

And if anybody know of a way out of this mess that won’t involve a lot of death and destruction, please let the squatter in the White House know before he wastes any more lives...