29 August 2003

Today’s Letter for Flood The Zone Fridays

Dear Editor:

The current Republican administration has shown a callous disregard of our environment ever since they came into power. And they have accelerated their attacks now that they are in control of all branches of the government:

The current nominee for the head of the Environmental Protection Agency refuses to discuss his views on the environment. He has a known history of punishing whistle blowers while elected as the governor of Utah. And his record shows a policy of disregard for environmental concerns. Is this the kind of person who should be deciding what is good for our nation's parks and natural resources? Why would someone like this be considered to head up the EPA?

This Bush administration has exhausted Superfund cleanup funding, and refused to renew the funds once they have been drained - even though the toxic wastes are still onsite. They have suppressed reports from the EPA itself regarding global warming and the contributions of America to the depletion of the ozone layer. And they have removed specific passages concerning our current environmental problems in the EPA's latest report.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the Bush Administration's environmental record, or lack thereof, are concerned. Our government needs to stop lying and covering up for corporate polluters, and start taking steps that will make those polluters responsible for cleaning up their messes. For our children's sake, and the sake of future generations to come.


(: Tom :)
The Funny Farm

The Power of TBTM Radio

I have been reviewing the TBTM Radio shows all week, while BartCop Radio is down due to reliance on WinDoze technical difficulties. These guys are good - they have covered an awful lot of the main turf in the liberal side of things. They are both obviously technically proficient, as well as able to establish radio personae that make PigBoy look like Bart Simpson with his Superstar Celebrity Microphone (The Simpsons, Radio Bart, episode 313).

And, they tie a lot of things together. Already many shouts out to blogs - the Mahablog, Atrois, Bartcop, Neal Pollack for starters. And giving righteous props to all and sundry – both for savaging the Weiner, and fairly balancing things with Faux Infotainment News. As well as letting us hear the Frepper-heckled commencement speech as it should have been heard. And so many other interesting tidbits, that you won’t know much if anything at all about if all you watch is the mainstream media whores.

As a semi-professional radio station operator/engineer/deejay, I can tell that these guys have all the technical bases covered in TBTM Radio as well. The shows are tight, but loosely scripted – so that Don and Mike can riff off of each other to a certain extent. And I bet it doesn’t take much time to actually do the shows, either. More prep work than anything else.

Anyways,... I’m going to finish off the series by listening to Show number Seven Friday night. Major props to Blah3 and Symbolman for this, as well as the rest of the TBTM project which is so frelling huge right now it boggles the mind. Apparently Weiner might still be trying to savage them – even at the late date. And I can only imagine the kind of rabid neocon stalker trolls they get, after tweaking everybody’s noses a little bit since they came into existence...

I strongly suggest you check them out if you have a fast internet connection. They have links to run their show in WinDoze, Real, or Flash Media Players on the TBTM Radio webpage. All part of the up and coming media conglomerate known as Take Back the Media

I sure hope BartCop gets rehabbed soon. It sounds like he needs someone to fix one of his arms. I thought it sounded like bursitis (which I have to be careful to avoid myself) when he first started describing it, but now it sounds like something different. Especially after he described getting a shot of some sort, in his elbow. On one of his pages, he talks about intense agony after getting a needle inserted into his arm. The needle itself would be enough for me, thank you very much. And, if I were him, I would think about getting some voice recognition software. It might cut down on the typing and wear and tear on both arms. But then I suppose he would have to make sure he has a functioning computer on a regular basis, too. Maybe somebody can hook him up with an Apple? Now that he has confessed (cough) to having an IQ of 164. Surely, it would be child’s play for such intelligence to migrate to the world of the iMac.

Anyways,... I gots to start getting ready to Flood the Zone today. The focus of this week’s letters to the editor is the environmental record of the Moran Badministration. Put on your thinking toques, and politely express your outrage in 250 words or less.

Laborious Random Guerilla BloggingTM may be scheduled for the upcoming long weekend. I am for sure bringing writing materials with me in case I get stuck in line at the border again. I wonder if they have WiFi in the Tunnel?

28 August 2003

A Joke From the Ghost of Bill Sprint

[... man seen running through a montage of static camera positions: a shopping mall, a busy main street sidewalk, and up to a building door. He rips open the door and dashes inside. A new camera shot shows a microphone on a stand on a stage with a spotlight shining on it. Bill is seen at the end of a runway thronged with people running towards the stage. He runs up through the crowd into the spotlight, grabs the mike, and announces to the camera (talking very fast)...]

This is the Ghost of Bill Sprint with a joke that’s all the rage at The Funny Farm right now: (slows down to normal speed to deliver the joke)

I met somebody the other day, and they were so confused...

(let’s all say it together now) How confused were they?

[Thank you!]
They were more confused than a baby at a topless bar!

(Bill starts talking very fast again) This has been the Ghost of Bill Sprint with a joke that’s all the rage at the Funny Farm!

[... Bill puts the mike back on the stand and starts running away from the camera ...]

With many thanks and righteous props to Fred, Kevin, Susie, Laura, Shawn, Ken, and Nurse Ratched for their inspiration in the telling of this joke here at the Funny Farm.

27 August 2003

A Couple of Puzzlers for you to Grok

~We are the Mods. We are the Mods.
We are, we are, we are the Mods.~

Yeah, baby!

I am a Mod. Yeah, baby, yeah!

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

We also stumbled upon another quiz, and were happy to see this character come up as our result:

John Sheridan of Babylon 5

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

A couple of very cool quizzes for your entertainment...

25 August 2003

Faux News - the Living Embodiment of Corpo-Weasel Hypocrisy

So, I see (by way of Hesiod) that the unFairly ImBalanced Faux News is refusing to use any cheesy movie cliches when referring to gubernatorial hopeful (cough) MuscleHeaded Black Plowman constantly during its propaganda 'news' broadcasts.

I also see that they have been remarkably silent about the red ass they received at the hands of the judicial system last week. And they are strangely reluctant to book Al Franken or Joe Conason as guests on any of their infotainment feeds. Especially Chicken Hawk Supreme, Bill O'Really? and his All Spin Zone. Bill, I've seen Clint Eastwood. And you're no Clint Eastwood. Even spotting you the serape and the cheroot.

Anyways,... much to do, and no time to do it. While some lounge about on a month long fund raising siesta, I happen to be working with others on a little product launch which I can finally tell you about in another week or so. And of course I'm behind deadline but hopeful to get a couple of things done. I'll be back for a little Zone Flooding on Friday at least.

So, blog amongst yourselves for a while. So many seem to be so good at it these days, don't you think?

P.S. Speaking of good blogging, Quiddity over at uggabugga hits the nail squarely on the head with another fantastic diagram at the bottom of this post. I would pay real coin for a video of that slide going on the screen in Murdoch's boardroom during their secret star chamber sessions. Real Executive Boardroom TV! That would be entertainment worth watching from Faux News - Totally Without Merit!

Late Breaking Update: Tom Tomorrow's cartoon (Free Day pass required) is out - and it is above his usual excellent standard. How can someone consistently manage to raise the bar so much? Sorta like the way The Simpsons manages to remain devastatingly funny....

Late Breaking Update Too: I finally saw that blogger replaced Word characters with question marks in that last post. Eventually they will all be replaced with the correct punctuation as originally intended.

We apologize for the inconvenience

24 August 2003

Random thoughts

- Do you think someone should tell the Virgin Ben that he dropped an html tag on his blog? I mean, if it’s been there since the original post, that’s a whole frelling week his blog’s been hosed.

- I may have spoken prematurely about the Rush Transcripts project. I see that it may have been hosed for some time now, and I was just thinking that I was having network problems. Which were a rational thing to think since the MSBlast attack of last week. I’m going to try and get a couple of updates, and maybe pass them on to you sooner or later. But now we here at the Funny Farm know a little more about the degree of difficulty involved in keeping it going. And we remain committed in our resolve to take El Chupa Cabra’s vile excretions to the public domain where they belong. Hell, pigsqueal might even have some non-Pigboy material! Some opinion on the swill, along with brief snippets and such. If it ever gets back on track, that is...

Things have been slow around here, because I cannot speak of the senseless violence I hear about in other places of the world. I do not understand it, I do not agree with it, but I have no basis to make a rational judgement about it - other that I see no reason to take another's life. I hope it ends soon.

Our own proposal is to move the entire nation of Israel to another place that is a little less, um, anti-Semitic. Also within the same clime, relatively speaking. I would suggest (with only half my tongue in cheek), that we give them the Baja peninsula in Mexico. I’m sure that there would be some incentives that would be able to get settlements there in a way that would be attractive to those currently resident within Israel’s borders. The lack of whizzing bullets would be the main obvious one that I can see right away. And the reparation payments to Mexico would be worthwhile to both parties. Mexico could improve its’ infrastructure somewhat, and the Israeli government would be able to ease its’ defense budget significantly, and still afford to throw significant coin Mexico's way.

If only it were that easy...