03 April 2004

A New Question Mark Series Has Begun

The American Stranger is at it again. He's started up a new Question Mark series to entertain and edumacate us at the same time. Money #4 is pretty good - sort of a throwback to the early days, when there was nothing but text getting the point across while a kewl song was playing in the background. But he should have put in a blurb about the Diebold CEO - who is also a Pioneer at least, and promised to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to the Chimperor - with the rest of the panels.

And, What's So Funny? is okay, but as far as I'm concerned, not his best. The fact that the subject matter obviously enrages Don (as well as myself) might be a factor in this judgement. This flash movie is painful to watch. And maybe that's the point.

The practical upshot of this is that there is now a new area over in the Links Zone dedicated to pointing to the new Question Mark series. Hope you get a chance to take a look at it from time to time...

02 April 2004

I Call BS

I just finished reading an essay by Ted Rall, Where Was The Air Farce Force? (thanks for pointing to it, Bartcop!), and I gotta tell ya, something smells. These clowns are trying to sell us on the notion that a dozen planes were guarding all of American continental airspace??

I have a very hard time swallowing this much BS all at once. IMHO*, if the hijackers had targeted Crawford, Texas that fateful day, none of them would have hit anything. There would have been escort jets on those planes within fifteen minutes, and they would have been blown out of the sky if the monkey's handlers felt the need, and the planes were getting too close to the Western WhiteWash House.

* - Geek speak : IMHO = In My Humble Opinion