18 December 2003

Ho Ho Fcuking Ho

A pair of pics from the Onion for my buddy up in the Great White North. It's been a while since we've have to drive to gigs through a snowstorm, hasn't it, Bud? Thank goodness we don't have to worry about that sort of thing anymore!

Plus, Bud, I'm not sure you would know about the unelectable Miserable Failure. You Soviet Canuckistans sometimes appoint your leaders, don't you? But a lot of people seem to be saying that there's an unelectable Miserable Failure who will be finding another place to stay in 2005. Or rather one less place he can freeload at.

Hope you all enjoy these. Go to the Onion for their weekly dose of fun!

Christmas brought to Iraq by Force
Above: A mosque in Baghdad decorated by U.S. troops.
How are we cooking the Goose?