12 July 2003

What Does the BFEE Have on This Guy?

Tenet falls on his sword for Mr. Never Worked a Day In His Life. Sigh. I guess he still has some sort of dignity left. And quite possibly a shred of conscience, too - which would make him infinitely better than the Shrubbery.

Condi-Sleaze (R-Token) has been overheard arranging an enormous international pub crawl with an executive jet generously donated (cough) by the thoughtful folks at Enron, WorldCom, and MS GOP-NBC-GE. In a related story, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Lakita Garth, and Peggy Noonan have all been assigned to an exclusive weekend ‘research trip’ evaluating cultural compliance relevance to AmeriKKKan modern moral standards (cough). And Ann hopes to finally find some inspiration to write something on her new blog (no – no link here. She’s falling down down down in the ecosystem. Almost to my level...)!

It’s the Friday Night Smirk Follies all over again, people. Let’s see, just recently the media has discounted, trivialized, and ignored as much as possible the falsified official government statement(s), the fabricated Jessica Lynch morale booster story, the formidable Judith Miller Team, and the fraudulent Iraqi children’s prison. I guess that’s a pretty good body of coverup work for the propaganda ministry investigative journalists out there.

And it’s off to the Snooze Cruise for Your Humble Narrator. There may be some exciting news, and a request for some support of one form or another, should some budding negotiations work out favorably. I realize that I am being even more difficult to figure out than I usually am – mainly because there is too much uncertainty in the equation for me to say more. Come back to this zone in Blogistan next week for more concrete details. Aloha!

11 July 2003

This Keeps Getting Better and Better

As of 1900 EST July 11, 2003, Wolf Blitzer Reports:

Whom do you blame for the mistake in the president's State of the Union address on Iraq?

pResident Pinhead 12760 95 percent
British Intelligence 199 01 percent
The CIA 523 04 percent

Well, don’t just sit there! Go torture Wolf yourself!

You should hear the Repugnicant trolls spinning this on Atrios, Kos, and Hesiod’s boards. Talking about what a ‘noble lie’ this was, if it was a lie at all, and besides, it’s all just liberal trash talking. Feh! I think more and more of the ones that have a conscience left are having problems sleeping these days. Maybe it’s the ghosts of all those Americans soldiers they helped murder by letting pResident Pinhead and the Thug Cabal steal the White House last time.

Popping up my Head for a Quick Minute...

...because the stench of PigBoy squeal is nauseating me. He’s got some caller online, and they’re talking about the Apple G5 that was announced that week. Since there’s no way I can get this done before work, I think I’ll take a wander into Google and Apple to see what they have to say about the G5 and do a quick compare and contrast. I’m thinking there’s a slight chance of getting some discrepancies to get back to you with. And in case you were interested, we are taping most of the shows at the Rush Limbaugh transcripts project. We just don’t have enough hands to take care of them. We’re still doing pretty good – and I’m sure we’ll get through them eventually. But for now I hope to have my segment done, so I can move on to other things, by the end of this evening. Like hopefully tracking down and presenting you with some more hypocrisy and untruth from the orifice of El Chupa Cabra.

On a much brighter note, the poll you saw here yesterday from Wolf is now (0730 EST):

Did President Bush make an honest mistake in his State of the Union address, or did he deliberately mislead the American public about Iraq?

Too Dumb to be pRezNit Honest mistake 3800 17 percent
Too Evil to be pRezNit
Deliberately misled the public 18440 83 percent

If you haven't already, why dont you go torture Wolf some more?

Random guerilla blogging from various locations in the North American Midwest will commence upon my release from the employment zone for the weekend.

And, don’t forget:

Bush keeps lying.
People keep dying.

10 July 2003

Wolf Blitzer Seems to be Asking for a One Way Ticket to Gitmo

As of 1800 EST July 10, 2003, Wolf Blitzer Reports:

Did President Bush make an honest mistake in his State of the Union address, or did he deliberately mislead the American public about Iraq?

Honest mistake 3027 20 percent
Deliberately misled the public 12323 80 percent

One of my co-workers came up to me at work today, and enthusiastically told me the results that Wolfie announced last night, providing independent confirmation that this was accurately reported by the Media Whores, as well as the Funny Farm.

But what has happened to the Conservative Media? It’s quite possible that strident health quack, er, radio personality (cough cough) Michael Savage Weiner has started to get his just rewards for years of hypocrisy and hate.

There’s so many other names that I could still be talking about. I mean, Laura (R-Leg Spreader) Schlessinger claims to dispense mental health (no, I won’t link to any of it. But you all know how to get there if you really want to), and most certainly we can at least infer that Field Marshal AssKKKroft claims to dispense moral health (even though that’s not his job. At least, not the one we taxpayers are paying for). And there are so very many of them that we are going to make some sort of list eventually. Which could put on the archive page if Blogger’s archive capabilities (and most especially my understanding of them and lack of desire to learn more about the subject) weren’t so screwed up right now.

Speaking of other right-wing hate radio hypocrites, I’m off to listen to a last five minute long PigBoy horrorshow rant from June 27 (yes, that is how few people are able to help. I think we still have ten unclaimed chunks for that show, and many more still to do amongst the collective. As well as a number of taped shows that we’d like to scribe. Why don’t you head over there and donate an hour a week to calling this prick on his hypocritical noise pollution – which of course has not been volutnarily reduced since I first heard of the phenomenon (cough) that is El Chupa Cabra Rush Limbaugh?

More fun to come here at the Funny Farm. Will Bowtie Boy literally eat his shoes, or stage some candy ass chickenhawk stunt? Anybody want to ask Bill Bennett what the line is on that bet?

Jeebus H. Koresh on a Crutch

My good friend Eric over at The Hamster has pointed all of us to an enlightening piece of anti-Christ propaganda heathen ramblings Bible Thumper Bull Chips from one of Satan’s emissaries on Earth a morally hypocritical sanctimonious huckster in televangelists’s clothing Pat Robertson.

I bring it to you in its’ entirety, along with some emphasis and side commentary from the Funny Farm:

Dear Fellow American,

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, wrote:
‘You seem to think that the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of constitutional interpretation, a very dangerous doctrine indeed and one that would place us under the tyranny of an oligarchy.’

Thomas Jefferson also spoke of the First Amendment as creating a ‘wall of separation between church and state.’

How wise Jefferson was. Yet even Jefferson could not have foreseen what the Supreme Court has done to the Constitution of the United States since 1962. Just think what five unelected judges have done to our nation's moral framework (I’m not positive, but I do believe that all Supreme Court judges are appointed, not elected. This statement, like most of the others coming from this loon, has no bearing on the argument).

1. In 1962, they ruled prayer out of the public schools. requiring prayer in public schools is not found in the Constitution - when did they rule it part of the curriculum?

2. In 1963, they ruled the Bible out of public schools. requiring the Bible in public schools is not found in the Constitution - when did they rule it part of the curriculum?

Seriously, here – I’m well aware that the Bible has been used in public schools, and I’m well aware that there have been many attempts to force it to be a part of the curriculum, but did the Wisenheimer adminsitration of the 50’s enshrine that in law when they and the Catholics rewrote the Pledge of Allegiance?

3. In 1973, they applied a "right of privacy" not found in the Constitution Amendment X of the Us. Constitution: the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. as the basis for opening the door to the slaughter of more than 43,000,000 innocent untenable or unwanted pregnancies, er, unborn children.

4.Subsequent federal courts have ruled the Ten Commandments were illegal in schools (cough cough separationofchurchandstate cough cough), that publicly funded statues of Jesus were illegal in public parks, that publicly funded prayers on a map in North Carolina were illegal, and that it was illegal for little elementary school children to give thanks over their milk and cookies at snack time (actually, I believe that it was determined that it is illegal to require little elementary school children to give thanks over their milk and cookies at snack time (cough cough revisionisthistory cough cough).

5.Now, the Supreme Court has declared a constitutional right to the right of privacy in their personal consensual relationships, er, consensual sodomy and, by the language in its decision, has opened the door to homosexual marriages, bigamy, legalized church funded pedophiles, televangelical prostitution, and even incest (actually, I believe that the Supreme court has declared a constitutional right to individual adults that they are allowed to engage in whatever consensual sexual conduct they want to in the privacy of their own home – something quite different).

The framers of our Constitution never intended anything like this to take place in our land (how nice to have a sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrite like Mr. Roberston tell us what the framers of our Constitution intended!). Yet we seem to be helpless to do anything about it. Why? Because we are under the tyranny of a nonelected oligarchy (cough cough TipsyMcStaggerandtheGodSquad cough cough). Just think, five unelected men and women who serve for life can change the moral fabric of our nation by installing a morally bankrupt, corpo-weasel owned, condescending elitist moron as pResident of the United States in December, 2000 and take away the protections which our elected legislators have wisely put in place.

But there is a higher tribunal than the United States Supreme Court (cough cough paganoccultrituals cough cough). There is the Judge of all the earth (cough cough paganoccultrituals cough cough). We must earnestly come before Her/Him now and cry out for redress of our grievances or we’ll get the state to burn you at the stake. S/He loves America as much as we do, and S/He does not wish to destroy it. But no culture has ever endured which has turned openly to homosexuality - Mr. Robertson feels entitled to make such sweeping falsehoods with no proof in the hope that you’ll buy into his kimchee. And no society has ever been spared the wrath of God which has been guilty of slaughtering tens of millions of the innocent (cough cough Bushcabal cough cough).

In short, by its distorted reading of the religion clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and its "discovery" of emanations from the 14th Amendment called "penumbras," the Supreme Court is bringing upon this nation the wrath of God (how nice to have a sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrite like Mr. Roberston tell us what God is thinking!) when the precious liberties that we love so much may be taken away from all of us (cough cough PatriotAct cough cough).

Would you join with me and many others in whining crying out to our Lord to change the Court? If we fast and pray and earnestly seek God's face, then S/He will hear our prayer and give us relief. One justice is 83 years old, another has cancer, and another has a heart condition (how nice to have a sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrite like Mr. Roberston ask his God to smite those he considers heathens!). Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire? With their retirement and the appointment of more far right wing conservative brownshirts judges, a massive change in federal jurisprudence can take place.

We can have a court that no longer legislates from the bench the wishes of The New York Times and The Washington Post, but which will earnestly seek to interpret the Constitution (cough cough WordoftheLord cough cough) as it is written and to give meaning to the centuries of Christian moral standards (cough) which have undergirded this wonderful country called the United States of America (cough cough revisionisthistory cough cough).

Please join us in prayer to support a massive prayer offensive that we are going to call Operation Supreme Court Freedom (please help us impose our moral code upon all of humanity).

’With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26).
’Religion is the opiate of the masses.’ (Karl Marx)

God bless you (hope you like to live the way we tell you to!).
Yours in Christ (your source for hypocrisy and self-righteous malarkey),
Pat Robertson

A Sage Imparts Some Wisdom To Your Humble Narrator

Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood (cough) Non Government-sponsored Faith Based Organization, St. Gregory’s Abbey:


Sorry I am not Gary, but I didn’t see any comments from anyone on MBF, which stands for Moronic Brownshirt F*(k!

(and you got that from a priest)

Prior Aelred

My friend, true enlightenment is most welcome, no matter what the source. It is my most fervent hope that your righteous religiousity is a cosmic counterweight to the pompous MBF’s who sully your trade by exploiting its’ baser advantages in a most abominable manner (cough cough FalwellRobertsonAshcroft cough cough).

And I do mean that in the best Punday tradition of Callahan’s Place. Thanks for your help!


09 July 2003

For Your Information

A few myths exploded regarding the Diebold machines and creating a program to accurately validate and count votes in an election:

- If the reports are accurate (and I am tentatively prepared to believe – but I would really like to look into the whole story better), and these clowns are actually using Access to count the votes, you can almost certainly start pursuing Chuck Hagel (who still has a piece of the company that counts the votes in his own elections if I’m not mistaken) on vote fraud charges. If these people knowingly put a computer system in place that uses Microsoft Access to run a database, or uses a Microsoft Access database as a central repository, then they are either woefully ignorant (as in Fratboy Cokehead Deserter ‘Who cares what you think?’ ignorance, as opposed to Stole Himself a pResidency ‘Africa is an important country’ ignorance), or they were given one of the most amazing business proposal presentations in the history of salesmanship.

- You can probably still use most of the hardware with different software - of the open source variety – in time for the 2004 elections. 2006 at the very latest. For not a lot of money either. I can think of a half dozen ways to do it off the top of my head right now. I am highly confident that you could write something in C++ or some of its’ derivatives, BASIC, COBOL, RPG, and probably DOS if you wanted to, that would be able to take care of the processes required. Everyone and their grandmothers would be able to hack the DOS version, of course – and failsafes, redundant backups, and paper trail verification would be the order of the day. I can almost personally guarantee that I could create something hack-proof in RPG if I have sufficient time and resources, and I would be willing to bet that many can make a similar claim in their respective professional computer languages. And, if I wasn’t able to write the system myself, I know a couple of people who would have no problem helping me make it work.

- Having said all that, it is of course impossible to create a bulletproof system. But it is possible to build a system with so many safeguards and audit trails that it is extremely difficult to screw with it. Plus, a quisling in a key position will always be able to screw with any system.

- Also, there is no way to jigger the house of cards that is Microsoft Access to handle the voting process, much less protect it from tampering and fraud. Especially not the way it is described in the article we linked to earlier today. Does anyone else remember all those precinct counts that came up as 18181?

Lastly, even though I have smashed it into a gazillion pieces, the Irony Overload Alert siren keeps on going off around here. Damn you, George Steinbrenner!

Another Poll by Wolf Blitzer that You May Not Get To See on CNN

As of 1800 EST July 9, 2003, Wolf Blitzer Reports:

Should Congress launch a formal inquiry into President Bush's handling of Iraq intelligence?

Yes 9953 92 percent
No 823 08 percent

It appears the Repugnicant trolls are starting to come out and Freep this poll. So maybe you should go and counterbalance them by torturing Wolf yourself!

Late Breaking Update: Apparently the results have already been broadcast. Who cares? Torture him anyway!

So That’s What it’s all About

There has been a considerable stir over at Democratic Underground lately over the Diebold machines used, along with so many other dirty tricks it boggles the mind, by the Repugnicants to steal the last two elections. Apparently, they are able do all sorts of stuff in this software written in MicroSoft Access.

Let me repeat that - Apparently, they are able do all sorts of stuff in this software written in MicroSoft Access.

Being in the employ of a major (cough cough recentlybankruptshipwreck cough cough) Fortune 500 company, I can say that this scenario is both very realistic, and very very scary. Yes, a lot of corpo-weasels think that an Access database that they can look at from the PC on their desk is a good thing. And they authorize huge gobs of corpo-weasel energy and resources towards building that sort of monstrosity. Seriously, to those of you who work for the same people as I do, stop by my Borg cubicle, and tell me whether you think the CEO PrezNit would authorize the gub’ment to create a MicroSoft (cough cough hugeRepugnicantdonor cough cough) Access ‘program’ (cough) to manipulate count the votes?

What was that quote from Stalin again? Oh yeah –
He who casts the vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything.

There will be more discussion, including an offer to build that secure vote counting open source software when we get back from our daily regeneration productivity cycle.

Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Some of my friends, who have been ardent supporters of the Repugnicants, have lately taken to looking at the fiasco that is our current junta and saying that ‘all politicians are the same’. In other words, they won’t be examining the comical attempts to deceive Joe Sixpack that Drinky McDumbAss is working in their best interests – because, in their minds, it’s just more of the same crap that has been going on for the last ten years. And they’re burned out on all that stuff. So it’s not that important, y’know?

I must disagree with this viewpoint. In my opinion, there are a number of significant differences in thought and attitude between the conservative and progressive mind set. In particular, it seems to me that conservatives seem to be more concerned with tearing things down, and progressives with building things up.

And of course both sides lie in support of their ideologies. But progressives will lie about things in their personal lives, which should be no one else’s business anyhow. Lately conservative lies have cost many their security in retirement, as well as American lives.

To illustrate this point, I would like to show you, gentle reader, two emails that I received at about the same time. The first is from our old friends (cough) at the Conservative Alerts zone – which of course claims to represent the mainstream ideology of the Republican Party of AmeriKKKa:

This CONSERVATIVE ALERT prepared for the Funny Farm:

ISSUE: From grizzly bears and lynx to bull trout and slick spot peppergrass, the list of species for which Americans have to make special allowances just keeps on growing. Many parts of our country have become one big minefield of endangered species, with bureaucrats and environmental extremists burning through taxpayer money to tell us where it's safe to step.

Enough is enough.

Rep. C.L. "Butch" Otter (R-ID) has introduced legislation to help ensure the Endangered Species Act is not used without sound scientific justification to restrict the use of the public lands.

Otter's bill, the Scientifically Identifying the Need for Critical Habitat (SINCH) Act (H.R. 2602), would give the secretary of Interior discretion in determining whether to designate critical habitat for species listed as threatened or endangered. The Endangered Species Act now mandates designation of critical habitat, which is defined as an area occupied by a listed species or areas the species needs in order to recover.

Federal agencies must consult with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's fisheries office about any federal action within designated critical habitat to ensure species are not harmed, or to determine how to mitigate the harm. However, agencies must consult with species protection regulators about any action that may affect a listed species regardless of whether critical habitat has been designated.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to fall at least $2 million short of the money it needs to meet court-ordered deadlines, generated by environmentalist lawsuits, for designating critical habitat for 32 species during the current budget year alone. The agency reportedly would need $120 million to $150 million to deal with the backlog of listings and critical habitat designations.

As of April, the Fish and Wildlife Service was involved in 31 active lawsuits over critical habitat designations and was in the process of complying with 35 court orders. It also has received 36 notices of intent to sue.

"Give the people who live here and the local leaders responsible for complying with the law some credit for common sense and good intentions," Otter said. "And if you're going to throw a blanket over big chunks of our land, you better make sure you have the solid evidence to back it up."

ACTION ITEM: Too often, implementing the Endangered Species Act involves using advocacy science. When the Interior secretary determines whether a critical habitat designation is needed, the standard should be higher than "best available science." It ought to involve sound science that's been peer reviewed, just as it should with listing of species in the first place.

Go to our site below to send your Congressman a FREE message, asking him or her to support H.R. 2602, the "SINCH Act": [link not available from the Funny Farm]

Be sure to forward this e-mail to everyone you know that wants to help stop the misuse of this law by environmental extremists. Thank you!

The second email comes from a start up company with a pretty good idea. Not necessarily a winning idea, but one that will make you think at the very least:

Dear Friend,

As someone interested(*) in MDI's new compressed-air motor technology, we are sending you an advance copy of the press release that we are transmitting to journalists and media across the world. It will include the latest news of this zero-pollution, compressed-air engine and of MDI's recent success in international markets.

We look forward to your continued interest and thank you for your attention so far.

Kindest regards,

Miguel Celades Rex
Official Representative for MDI in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, United Kingdom and Canada



A production license for MDI's compressed-air vehicles has recently been signed in Nice, for markets in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama. The signatory, MDI Andina S.A is a group of business entities from the Columbian private and public sector.

After a thorough examination of the technical and financial aspects of MDI's business, the new associates travelled to Spain to meet MDI's existing licensees. Representatives of MDI Andina S.A. met official representatives of MDI management in Barcelona to negotiate the contract, then travelled to France to sign the agreement.

With this additional sale there are now 50 fabrication and distribution licenses signed in the world, from a total of 400 available. Some of the countries that have signed agreemen ts include France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, etc.

As fees for production rights are the only source of financing for the inventor, Mr. Guy Nègre, this new contract, worth almost 10 million Euros, is another major step in bringing MDI's Zero Pollution car closer to production.


The question we are most frequently asked online at our web site, is "When will your car be on the street?". Although a number dates have been released to the media in the past, the programme required some more time to complete. Developing and productionising automobiles is at best a complex, expensive and time consuming exercise. Guy Negre and his team of dedicated engineers have effectively "reinvented the wheel" within the last 5 years and with the development and introduction of all of this ground breaking and "new" technology, some delays were inevitable.

Starting factory production of cars that are based on a major technological advance is not easy, and has been made still harder by lack of external financing. So far, the institutions MDI has presented this project to were unprepared to invest in the initial phase of development, while showing great interest in doing so once a car was on the road. Delay in developing this technology has resulted largely from lack of public investment, which has compelled MDI to turn to private investors.

Despite this, the project has made considerable commercial and technological progress. The technology has been shown in London, with the support of the Department of the Environment, and in Sao Paulo, to an audience of over 600. Negotiations are now taking place with investors from all five continents. The first production plant in France is now complete and Guy Nègre's latest model, the MultiCAT's, applies the technology in a new direction: commercial and public service vehicles for public and freight transportation.


The MiniCAT's prototype is featured in the latest edition of the 'Salon Mondial de l'Automobile Paris 2002'. This model is as ecologically sound as its predecessors and has equally low fuel consumption; one tank of air is enough for 200 km, at a cost of only 2 Euro. Like its "sister" vehicles, the MiniCAT's emits only clean air at a temperature of -20ºC. A main innovation is that with 2.65 meters in length, and with a three seat configuration (the driver is in the center) the boot is as capacious as a conventional family saloon.

Guy Nègre has also designed a dual-energy vehicle for longer distances, which works on compressed-air in the city, and air/petrol on motorways. This vehicle (the RoadCAT's) can travel more than 2000 km on 100 m3 of air and 50 litres of petrol, so can be u sed for long journeys and is not an exclusively urban vehicle. Other applications of the technology include power generation, compressing air as a means of storing energy, and powering boats.

MDI also presented the MultiCAT's concept of a zero pollution urban transportation system which incorporates several important economic advantages. Consisting of a Driver module and up to 4 transport modules, (as in a train with tyres) it has been developed with a view to transporting up to 135 people at a cost of only 2.5 Euros for each 100 km per module, which could allow local and/or national governments to offer practically free urban transport to its citizens. At the moment the sale of the first license to manufacture the MultiCAT's for the Spanish and Portuguese market is in an advanced stage of negotiation with a group of investors consisting of the MDI license holders for Spain and other companies involved in the transport and energy sectors of those countries.

Essay topics:

Why is the first email more widely agreed with than the second?

Why would people want to support the concept vehicle on the second email once it is in production, but be resistant to getting it to the production stage of its’ development?

Exactly how many ‘bureaucrats and environmental extremists’ are ‘burning through taxpayer money to tell us where it's safe to step’ in King Fratboy Deserter’s badministration? How many ‘environmentalists’ opinions has pResidentPinhead considered when making his sorry excuse for a domestic policy?

How did we ever manage to get ourselves into this mess?

08 July 2003

Our favorite stop for the week

And we’ll be coming back, too!

Lottery Winner an Inspiration to all who Play the Lottery

Tiop Carny Retirement Reasons

Profound Revelations

Isn’t it just really really coincidental that one of the top sites in so many lists has a site on MicroSoft GOP GENBC? And cross indexed links to their own work that reinforce their own inference that this is your handy-dandy one stop final word on all current wisdom in the blogsphere? Not to denigrate a member of the Rocky Top Brigade or anything. Perhaps this is an adjunct to the Grover Norquist Government Reduction school in the fair state of Tennessee (cough cough shamelessmediawhore cough cough)?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we notice that others are looking into matters of alternate transportation. These will not sell in an AmeriKKKa ruled by aWol McCokehead and the God SquadTM, my friend. But there are other alternatives, depending on your needs and the vehicle’s overall usage, to consider as well. Buying a ‘Smart’ Car still feeds the corpo-weasels, Barry. That’s somewhat of a flaw, especially as long as we, the consumer, have virtually no say in the automotive manufacturing process except our wallets. I personally know way too many societal parasites, not all in any one area of the place either, mind you – who I picture getting their cut of my cash when I sign that frelling piece of paper and take the keys.

And, obviously, there is no way any rational driver would want to drive any of those alternative vehicles on I-75, where there’s almost as many trucks as there are cars/suvs/pickups on the road anyhow. No, the only thing you would use this sort of transportation for is to commute around town. And AmeriKKKans aren’t ready for that yet. Especially after the first one goes off a cliff blows up next to the New York Times building gets smushed into street pizza somewhere within the lower 48. And they would.

So I tend not to look at much of anything new from the automotive corpo-weasels, and definitely nothing by Ford - not even used. All of the Ford corpo-weasels are so firmly entrenched up the intimate parts of so many business entities in the metro Detroit area, they help craft local government policy and regulations to an incredible degree for a large city. The whole just in time inventory initiative was spearheaded by all of the big three way back when, but the creative accounting principles that were a side effect of the policy have been able to be exported, and abused, in many industries. From my perspective Wal-Mart is the current spear carrier for ‘revitalizing’ (cough) their industry in this manner. Guess who pays the cost of inventory in the end anyhow?

There has to be an alternative to this downward spiral. We only have fifty years of oil left if some of the calculations and estimates are accurate. Of course according to the Shrubbery and his pseudoscientists, we're going to discover a wonderful environmentally friendly energy source sometime before we run out of fossil fuels. So, without lying, the Usurper in Thief can say he has scientific proof that we have no energy crisis in AmeriKKKa today! See how that works, kids? [insert your own ClenisTM reference here]

07 July 2003

Remember, Kids – For Every Silver Lining, There’s a Dark Cloud!*

[sung to the tune of ‘Ding-dong, the witch is dead]

Ding dong the Weiner’s gone
Said too much wrong
He got the gong
Ding dong the Savage Weiner’s gone!

How come all the fun happens while I’m at work? Everyone has already gotten in all the snappy lines and stuff. I’m guessing that now, either he’ll have a lot of time, and a lot of Scaife’s money on hand, and will pursue lawsuits with a vengeance – or, he’ll drop all of this nonsense, and we won’t have to worry about his sorry ass any more.

Either way, it’s definitely a cause for rejoicing around here.

And, in case you might be interested, I have had a very nice weekend with my beloved, thank you very much! I think some irregular activities will resume around the Funny Farm shortly. Until then, as always, if you want the scoop, it’s off to Atrios’ with you!

* - with all due homage and praise to Al Sleet, your hippy-dippy weather man from Wonderful WINO – and of course, George Carlin who created him.