23 January 2003

Thanks to the Hamster for showing me the way to this site:

Field Marshal AshKKKroft sets another poor soul on the path to righteousnessThis man may be coming to YOUR TOWN!

Update: Apparently the place that hosts Xoverboard has been updated over the last couple of days. Everything is back to (what passes for) normal there now...

It looks like Overboard has gone, well..., overboard. No functioning link to them here at the Funny Farm, and I can't get to them (ugh) manually, either... I hope it's just problems with the server - 'cause no John Pollack rants anymore would be a tragedy.

Conservative Spin Cycle

I read an article featured over at Take Back the Media last night on Paul Krugman. It is published at the Washington Whore Post by Howie ‘the Whore’ Kurtz – if that gives you any clue as to my opinion of the treatment the KrugMeister got at the hands of these butchers. I hope you can read between the lines here, and see what I do in this article. Accusing Krugman of ad hominem attacks. Mislabeling his message as an endless one note sermon. Using Andrew Sullivan as a ‘pundit’ for the right, and Lawrence Kudlow as a 'respected economist'. And discrediting Krugman as a ‘Reagan Democrat’ - among so many other dirty tricks, I gave up cataloguing them after a page and a half of analysis.

NewsFlash (NOT!): Krugman’s got some theories. I personally agree with the one that says Drinky McDumbAss and the God Squad are a bunch of usurping thieves who are ripping off everything they can get their greedy paws on. Maybe I haven’t got the correct wording on that theory, but I like my phrasing slightly better…

I point you in the general direction. You decide what to look for…

22 January 2003

Blah3 pulls Drinky McDumbAss's pants down on his blog. Go now, and see with your own eyes...

And Don makes a double coup by pointing us to this guy: The ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose. Go down to "Oh mommy, I Ain't No Commie!", and check out the latest in the propaganda war: protesting the war is supporting the commies Over here in my corner of Blogstan, I have only run into Tacitus a couple of times. A bigger piece of FreeperTrash has not yet been spawned by man or demon... go look at his abomination from the link at the Noose. We will not soil this blog by pointing to such filth.

Oh... and I would call this a$$hole out - only that would be showing him some respect he is not due...

Looks like my suspicions were correct...

Drinky McDumbAss revealed as the emissary of Morgoth

Thanks to Brother Matt for pointing me to this picture!

Some New Links for You

I'm not sure if you have noticed - so I'd like to take the opportunity to inform you: the Funny Farm Links Zone is being constantly updated. So, take a look down the left hand side and use these links to get to the most important websites on the Net.

Today we have added a Boycott Rugh Limbaugh Sponsors link, and two new blogs: Matthew Stoller's and Mark Kleiman's. And, we here at the Funny Farm are very happy to announce that Ann Slanders has decided to start blogging again. Welcome back, John! We missed you...

21 January 2003

My Ten Seconds of Fame

An amazing thing happened to me. I wrote a couple of emails to Aaron Brown, and of course received a blow-off when he found out he was dealing with someone who could give as good as he got.

However, my good friends blah3 and BartCop have chosen to feature the exchange on their web sites! For the record, I am very honored and somewhat proud of this accomplishment. Now, if it would only make a difference.

Future plans involve a link to a CNN boycott list (once I find one or create one, that is). The cold and cough have put Your humble Narrator on the sidelines for the day. Stay tuned for further developments…

20 January 2003

Big Brother is watching YOU!


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you Aaron Brown:

Thanks. I'm sure you like a longer note and sometimes I do that. But not here. Nothing to work with. So just thanks. I appreciate that you took time to write. I get website politics and it isn't something I'm gong to engage in any more. I used to answer notes at random, after last week I am going to be a bit more careful and use my time better. Good luck in your efforts with advertisers

…Now, Go Away – Or I Shall Taunt You A Second Time

A weekend cold and congested sinuses are causing me to stay up past my bedtime. And on a school night, too! I have spent what little time I can spare from hacking up what is left of my respiratory system in preparing an email reply to Mr. Aaron Brown of CNN.

Mr. Brown:

Nice 'sound bite' reply. It shows your level of interest in your customer, your inattention to detail, and your elitist bias, all in two pithy lines! I have watched your infotainment feed many times, and discussed what I have seen with others. Many of them agree with my assessment of your conservative elitist pro-Bush spin.

As for the 'millions protesting the war', some highlights:
Over 75,000 in DC, over 20,000 in SF, and over 15,000 across the country: April 20, 2002; (DC protest reported inaccurately as a pro-Palestinian protest)
Over 200,000 in DC, over 80,000 in SF, over 5,000 in LA, over 4,000 in Seattle, and over 10,00 in Portland: October 26 (the Moonie Times halved the police estimate in DC, and confused the issue by stating that 'police would not confirm any numbers')
Over 150,000 in London: September 28
Over 200,000 in Florence: early November 2002
Over 250,000 in various other anti-war protests around the globe during 2002

This adds up to more than a million people protesting the war in 2002. Not a million person march, as you tried to insinuate I said in my original email to you... Bear in mind that I have used the police estimates of the crowds wherever possible. The protest organizers' estimates are much larger, but I cannot independently validate them. I tend to believe the actual figures lie somewhere between the two.

I also noticed your 'coverage' of the LA protest last weekend. Not only is it very brief (two and a half paragraphs), the report on your 'news' service has inaccurately stated the police estimates, and ignored the estimates of the organizers.

Plus over 250,000 protesting the war this weekend in a number of cities across the globe. I noticed that your 'news' service chose to highlight the 16 anti-war protesters arrested (out of a crowd conservatively estimated at over 100,000) in Washington DC this weekend, and managed to devote 14 short paragraphs on the protest itself. I didn't notice it at the top of the rotation in the news during the weekend, either.

You also didn’t even cover a protest at your national headquarters - in fact, you pulled the story from your website. Of course, I am being generous in describing the two and a half paragraphs of your article as a story.

Would you consider doing a half hour of analysis on why these protests are happening? How about an hour or two? This has been going on for quite some time now. The war with Iraq hasn't even started yet, and there are already many voices of dissent. Which also has not happened in the history of the United States. Possibly you could find some time to look into it?

On your suggestion, I am watching CNN these days. I'm watching to see who your sponsors are, so I can ask them to pull their advertising from your network, and write them explaining why I will not be dealing with them anymore. And your pro-Bush bias is even more obvious than I remembered it. You need to get some journalistic standards into your 'newsroom' in order for it to become an infotainment service. How much time did you spend on the anthrax and plague hoaxes, again? Or the 5 'suspected terrorists' you claimed came through the Canadian border? And, how much time researching and verifying the stories before spinning them to the masses?

I notice that others are calling you on your spin on this weekend's protests. Their analysis is similar to mine with regards to your inaccuracy and bias in reporting the events of the day.

Half the news, all the time is being generous. Love the whore media...


A critical viewer