19 June 2004

Assorted Mayhem Shamelessly Promoted

Wherein I put some new content here and link to some funky pics I have in my new zone. Click on the pics to be transported to a better place, with some soon to be added extra special features like cool mp3s not available for public consumption anywhere else and links to cool flash movies and such...

But that's all in the possibly never-to-be-actualized potential future. For now...

The Bush administration has a longstanding practice of making technically accurate, but misleading and tendentious, statements in order to try and trick people into believing things that aren't true, while protecting themselves from criticism in the elite media.

The Virgin Ben learns how to write

Mr. Happy Cat

Everybody Wants To Slag Ted Rall (sung to the tune of Everybody Wants To Rule The World)

Well Ted Rall is back
With a new cartoon
It caused quite a stir
We can see some
Handing him all kinds of anger
Showing off their ugly nature
Everybody wants to slag Ted Rall.

It's his only way
To say what he feels
Why is it so wrong
For him to speak out
On freedom and hypocrites
Nothing seems to be okay here
Everybody wants to slag Ted Rall.

There's some rooms where no light can find you
Making all of your accusations now
When you do you just look real foolish

So glad he's free to say it
So sad no one can take it
Everybody wants to slag Ted Rall.

I can't stand this indiscretion
Saying Ted's an unbalanced cretin
Everybody wants to slag Ted Rall.
Say that you'll never never never never read him
Let others just believe him
Everybody wants to slag Ted Rall.

All for freedom and for satire
Cartoons can sure cause some anger
Everybody wants to slag Ted Rall.

America's Dark Side

Constitution? We don't need no steenking Constitution!

You want Room 12A, just along the corridor...