05 September 2003

Flood the Zone Friday

A letter to the editor:

The government of the United States, the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world, has created a new crime called domestic terrorism. This is loosely defined as ‘engaging in conduct involving acts dangerous to human life, to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion’ within the PATRIOT Act.

I submit that President Bush’s aircraft carrier stunt fulfills all the criteria to be considered domestic terrorism. As does Enron’s corporate piracy in California, and the continuing coverup of Enron’s actions. And the broadcast of an unrepentant anti-abortion murderer, who publicly called for others to commit domestic terrorism in this country!

Why are these crimes, whose cost is not measured only in taxpayer dollars, but also ruined lives, being ignored by the Justice Department and its’ Bush-installed Attorney General, John Ashcroft?

(: Tom :)
The Funny Farm

The top five posts of the week at the Funny Farm
Inaugural Edition: Friday September 5, 2003 Gregorian
Saturday 10 Halimath, 2003 Hobbit

The powers that be over at Open Source Politics have polled the membership about their favorite posts over the week.

Take it away, Ghost of Bill Sprint!

Funny Farm Posts of the Week, as read by the Ghost of Bill Sprint

[... man running through cornfields, past barn (stepping in a pile of D’oh!), and up to a desk sitting in front of an old fashioned one room schoolhouse. He runs up to the desk, picks up a piece of paper on the desk, and announces to the camera (talking very fast)...]

This is the Ghost of Bill Sprint with the Funny Farm Top Five Posts of the Week:

Number Five - Skippy the Bush Kangaroo’s brett bursey update;

Number Four - Tbogg’s Virgin Ben's dry spell is over;

Number Three - Yar’s Revenge’s Jonah, you cut up!;

Number Two - Uggabugga’s Refer to European countries as the State Department does:;

And the Number One Post of the Week - Hullabaloo’s Two More Straws.

This has been the Ghost of Bill Sprint with the Funny Farm Posts of the Week.

[... man takes paper and wipes D’oh! off his shoe, crumples paper and tosses it into wastebasket, then jumps up from the desk and starts running away from the camera...]

I might mention that this was easy, yet tough. There wasn’t as much writing out there due to the holiday. But honorable mentions should go out to Atrios, Tom Tomorrow, Overboard, and dKos. In fact, they are hereby declared ineligible, because otherwise they would win almost every week. Overboard’s ripping up of the Snopes.com urban legend was particularly well written as far as I’m concerned. And the whole discussion of the bin Laden flights over at This Modern World is priceless.

I'm still coming up with a letter to the editor for Flood the Zone Friday. And I will shortly be embarking on a quest for information to pass on to you, gentle reader, along with some links to my writings for Open Source Politics. Stay tuned for more fun and hijinks here at the Funny Farm!

04 September 2003

My, How The Time Has Flown!

It’s almost time to Flood the Zone for another Friday! That’s what happens when you get a four day work week. I could learn to get used to this. . .

This, on the other hand, is something that makes me glad I didn’t choose to take any of the military options available to me:
Canadian Armed Forces Forced Celibacy Tour

And I hope you noticed a new set of links in the Funny Farm Links Zone. These links take you to the home websites of my compatriots over at Open Source Politics. And of course, there’s the link to OSP right there at the top of the list! Go check out what’s going on today...

03 September 2003

The Secret is Out

I am very happy to announce that Open Source Politics is now up and running. In the true spirit of risk-taking and extreme adventure, they have decided to let me write for them. Along with a large number (over 40) of others, with varying viewpoints, and various specialties. We have pooled our talents and dedicated them to one major purpose over the near future: getting the Unelected Usurper out of the office he stole in 2000.

Won’t you take a moment and drop by the new site? I’m thinking this should be one of your everyday reads going forward.