14 February 2004

Just Being Your Everyday Force For Good

Dear Funny Farm,

Thank you for writing to Websense.

The site you submitted has been reviewed and the categorization has been changed to Political Organization. The update should be available in the next publication of the database.

Thank you for your assistance.

The Websense Database Services Staff

-----Original Message-----
From: The Funny Farm
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 5:38 AM
To: Websense DB Update
Subject: Suggest a Change to the Websense URL Database
Name: The Funny Farm
URL 1: http://www.bushflash.com
Action 1: Should not be blocked
Current Category 1: Racism and Hate

That's right, campers. There are some people who are sending the URLs of sites critical of the Chimperor to spam blockers, and getting them to be mislabeled and banned by them. I wonder who would do a thing like that?

I would think that some of those recently downsized discouraged workers might find the time to check this sort of thing out, and help correct any errors. After all, once you establish that you aren't trying to game the system, your opinion might be given a bit of weight from time to time.

On the flip side, once you establish your trollery it will hound you all the days of your (cyber)life. As it has always been, your word is your bond. Try to set the record straight. Maybe BushFlash will still be blocked by Websense. But it won't come up as being a site about hate. It's not much - then again, it's always been the small wins in life that have brought me the most reward.

12 February 2004

Gentlemen (cough), Start Your Mudslinging!

Scott McClellan (R-Sauron's Mouth) accused Democrats of "trolling for trash" because they have questioned the almighty wisdom of our Glorious Unelected Chimperor's imperial proclamation to ignore his disservice to the National Guard. How dare these unpatriotic traitorous slimemongers challenge the word of Preznit Giv Me Turkee? After all, any arrogant punk with rich parents was allowed to give the country the finger during Vietnam. Skipping out on physicals because you're drunk and all coked up was the standard for a scion of privilege back then.

And can't we all just move along, and forget all about this? John Kerry was an evil war protester who seduced Jane Fonda, don'cha know. And all Dimocrats are traitorous liberal scum. And Commander Codpiece is the greatest human being to trod upon the earth in our lifetimes. And the vile Klintoons are responsible for all of the evils in the world today. Did I get enough of this week’s Repugnicant talking points down pat?

Funny thing, though. That Repugnicant kimchee just ain't selling so well these days. In fact, nothing seems to be selling as well as it used to. And more people are on the unemployment rolls - why haven't they just stopped looking? Then they wouldn't make Coward Clown CEO In Chief look so bad...

The Sky is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Huge cracks have opened in the earth's crust, and the globe seems to be a tad off-kilter over the past few days. Why is this, ask faithful Funny Farm readers?

Bill O'Really? (R-Loudmouthed Bully) has admitted he owes his viewing public an apology for trusting the Chimperor. Sort of. It's still not Commander Codpiece's fault, mind you. No, if that nasty Clinton appointee George Tenet hadn't misled our Fearless Leader by feeding him faulty intelligence, why, everything would be just fine!

Remind me again how a new era of accountability and responsibility came to Washington DC in 2000, Bill. Maybe you can show us all those Peabody's you won while you're at it...