27 September 2003

Meanwhile, back at the U.N.

That's a Wrap, Folks!

Oh. My. Goodness.

Real Time with Bill Maher ended its' 2003 season last night. Must be nice to have the rest of the year off. I would prefer to hear more shows like the one he just got finished doing. The monologue was uneven, with a couple of clinkers. But the panel was muy bueno - Charles Barkley and Bill Maher were the most conservative people sitting at the table. Michael Moore and Aaron MacGruder were also present and very active in the dialogue. I can't do justice to the wonders I was able to see, but the highlights included:

- hearing Darrel Issa make a complete idiot of himself, the recall, and the Muscleheaded Black Plowman;

- hearing a real farmer tell us all that the whole ‘death tax’ and farm subsidy deal that Whistle Ass has rammed up our deficit once again is but another scam by the rich to get most of the cake;

- and a wonderful rant by Bill about California. My favorite quote is "We (Californians) can drink a mudslide and a Sex on the Beach during an actual mudslide while having sex on the beach."**

I am most certain that others in the blogging community will speak of this show fairly glowingly during the next week. And certain fascist commentators (cough cough vilePigBoyO'Really?Coulterbeast cough cough) will be spinning with all their might. If they deign to consider it at all.

The most important consideration, however, is the reaction of the mainstream media. These people ripped on big business for almost a solid hour. And, for a bunch of rich people themselves, they sure didn't seem to be very supportive of the whims proclamations policies of the BFEE*. Talk about biting the hand that allows them to eat feeds them. The question remains: will the media whores try to pretend to be reporters again? Or rather, the question probably is: how are the media whores going to try and spin what some of us saw last night to their masters' advantage?

Time for the snooze cruise for this camper. Gots some traveling to do early in the morn. As well as some recovery from the travails I just got through. Random guerilla blogging has begun once again from undisclosed locations in the North American midwest. What a great way to start off the month of Wintring in the Hobbit Calendar. Good night everyone!

* - BFEE = Bush Family Evil Empire.

** - UPDATE 2003/09/28: After watching the show again on Saturday night (it's good to get many channels of HBO on your girlfriend's TV!), I have updated the above paraphrasing of Bill's comment.

25 September 2003

The Funny Farm Fry(with a Why?)day Top Five Posts of the Week

Thursday September 25, 2003 Gregorian
Fryday 30 Halimath, 2003 Hobbit

[. . . Bill runs through a parking lot, into a hospital lobby, past a receptionist, to a staircase door. Bill opens the staircase door, and dashes up the stairs. Staircase door closes. You hear the sound of, like, Speedy Gonzales, running up the stairs.

Cut to a picture of a desk in front of the Nurses Station for the floor. You hear the echoes of Bill running up the stairs, and then hear the staircase door open. The shot cuts to a camera covering a long hall way where you see Bill running up to the desk. He runs up to the desk, sits down, picks up a piece of paper on the desk, and announces to the camera (talking very fast)...]

This is the Ghost of Bill Sprint with the Funny Farm Fry(with a Why?)day Top Five Posts of the Week:

Number Five - Tapped's Ingraham Crackers;

Number Four - Whiskey Bar's Boiling Point;

Number Three - Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo's pResident Loses Credibility;

Number Two - Thinking It Through's History and George W. ;

And the Number One Post this Week - Carol Norris, Counterpunch's The Moral Development of George W. Bush;

This has been the Ghost of Bill Sprint with the Funny Farm Fry(with a Why?)day Top Five Posts of the Week.

[... Bill gets up from desk, then runs off screen. Cut to camera shot of him running down hall. Fade out as he opens door to stairwell.]

I made the name up for the Talking Points Memo entry, because Josh doesn't name his posts. So I guess you could officially call it 'untitled' or reference it by its' date and time (2003/09/24 22:09). I'm sure, if Mr. Marshall is concerned at all, he will correct me.

And I'm not really sure about including Counterpunch in the blog category. I am asking the powers that be in OSP to rule on that. Counterpunch seems a little more like an e-zine than a blog to me. But then again, I just try and pick out the best posts I read each week.

We almost had our first repeat winner this week. Quiddity has a very nice rundown of Whistle Ass' latest handjob (today's guest stroker: Brit Hume!). But for the fact that I am so very tired of reading reviews of this particular form of media sycophancy he would be in there. Alas, not to be... I'd also like to honorably mention Calpundit and Alas, A Blog for some fine work.

Congrats to all!

23 September 2003

A Plea for International Justice

To: The United Nations

Wouldn't it be interesting if we saw the members of the United Nations General Assembly turn their backs to Bush during his speech? I wonder if we'd even be allowed to know it was going on?

Not that I would think that something like that should be suggested in certain ears before the Chimperor struts out onto the international stage. I'm just asking a question, that's all...

If YOU could possibly put this question in everyone's ears today, in the hopes that it is heard and considered by as many as possible, maybe we could all act as a Basic Force For Good in Our TimeTM. And possibly witness a true expression of the prevailing sentiment in support (cough) of the Whistle Ass junta regime cabal administration.