08 January 2004

Once More With Feeling

Bush keeps lying.
People keep dying.

Damn, that feels good...

There are no Top Fives for the time being. Today's Atrios has blown me away with the absolute naked hubris of the junta with their latest moves multiplied by the absolute duplicity of the Gropenfuhrer. Thank goodness there were no AnnThraxx references/links, or my head would have exploded.

I am also happy to divulge at this time that I have now abandoned the mighty cable modem, and I am managing to access the internet through a DSL line. So far so good, but things are still in the shakedown phase. As are so many other aspects of my life these days...

Which I promise I will tell you about soon. But it's time for the Daily Show, and it's a school night, so I will have to bid you adieu.

Random guerilla blogging will take place from various undisclosed locations in the North American Midwest this weekend. Talk to you again soon!

Back in the Saddle Again

My apologies to all and sundry for being away for so long. The real world has managed to throw an awful lot my way since I last posted here (a lot of it being fun holiday stuff) and something had to give.

Rest assured that I will tell you all about it as time and events allow. As one of the few that the unelectable Miserable Failure and the rest of the clowns running this country into the ground hasn't underemployed, right now I gots to get ready to earn my daily bread. In the meantime, hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!