10 October 2003

Minor Malfunction

The PC connection here at the Funny Farm has gone screwy over the last few days. I’m not sure whether I have myself to blame this time – but I know it’s not anything that I installed lately, because I haven’t installed anything lately.

Whatever the reason, the bottom line to you, my faithful minions (cough), is less eye candy here at this web zone. I am also trying to hold back some finely tuned outrage with the lying Media Nazi Whore Bill O’Really? and his staged walkout on Terry Gross during an interview for NPR’s Fresh Air. Hopefully I can get enough of it into words to put a nice article up at Open Source Politics next week.

But for now, it’s time to be the bearer of bad news. Due to the lack of internet eyeballing over the last little while, I cannot in good conscience put out a Top Five list this week. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle your disappointment.
Go expand your minds. And stay away from Calley-Fornia! Especially if you’re a pretty girl who can’t handle harrassment...

08 October 2003

Public Notice

From: The people of the State of Michigan
To: The people of the State of Calley-Fornia

My Governor
will be fondled by
Your Governor

05 October 2003

Growing Pains

I am happy to inform you that the Funny Farm has been in the blogsphere for one full year as of today.

I was going to spend a long time dwelling on just what I’ve managed to talk to you about all year long, but that’s way too much work. Instead, grok on these action photos of Your Humble Narrator, taken just yesterday in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Dave Attell and ILewis Black and I

By the way, that is a BartCop sticker in their hands, and they are glad to see me. Hope to entertain you some more over the next year. Take care, all!


The opening salvo on ESPN’s Sunday Countdown today was a big time slam on the dope fiend who sits all over the Attila the Hun chair on the Egotistical Idiotarian Balderdash network. Hopefully somebody like Atrios or Tom Tomorrow will provide us links to the transcripts once they get fed from the blogsphere on the subject. But man oh man did almost everyone level a broadside at the vile PigBoy this morning. I just sort of caught it at six minutes after 11 this morning. I probably missed a bit of the intro. But I saw all of Tom Jackson’s comments, and I now firmly believe that he was going to walk off the show Thursday if El Chupa Cabra stayed on. And the other three were not nearly as concerned about this racial baiting as Mr. Jackson - he seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest of the Sunday Countdown cast in his outrage. The dressing down of the whole ditto monkey mentality was breathtaking to behold.

Which means that the whole Oxycontin saga is another can of worms. I’m hoping that we will be scribing some Limbaugh pearls over at the transcripts site which is ready to rock once somebody starts sending in recorded shows. And I’m hoping that a slightly more credible source for the story arises sometime soon. Oh for the days when you needed at least two independent sources in order to confirm a story. I guess you have to make do with what you can get these days. And, as always, filter the news through the conservative right wing spin that is constantly applied to it by the media whores.